3 Ways To Know If You’ll Make It As A Rapper (Guaranteed)

3 Ways To Know If You’ll Make It As A Rapper

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1) You REALLY gotta LOVE making music

Your career can’t survive on 1 song. You need a new hot song every 6 months or you will fade away and people WILL forget about you. It’s a business, so the people selling records and getting listened to on a regular basis are the ones that get to stay at the top. They are the ones making a lot of people a lot of money. So more people push those people because they make money from them. So more people hear that person on a regular basis and more people can stay a fan of that person.


2) You have to be open minded enough to try new things.

Especially marketing ideas. If you aren’t open to any opportunity that comes your way, you won’t be able to take advantage of those opportunities and grow. Someone could come to you with an idea that sounds stupid and out of no where… like… how about you start doing daily vlogs about your life. And you’re like nah… I’m a rapper, not a vlogger personality. But really, when you’re on the mic, aren’t you the same person you are in real life? Isn’t that the personality you want to shine? You don’t think people would become a fan of your music if they see how funny and fun you are in real life just like how you are in your music? It’s all about being open minded enough to see how everything can help you. Don’t shoot down ideas, they could change everything.


3) You spend more time thinking about your career than chilling or hanging out with friends

Anyone that gets in your way you cut them out of your life. If a girlfriend is wasting your time you break up with them If they aren’t helping you progress you just move on because you know they are in your way. You don’t go out to clubs and party all the time or go to bars and waste money you could be investing on your career. If you have the mindset that your entire life revolves around you making it as a rapper, than that is a really good sign that you are going to make it one day.


4) Special Inspiration and Motivational Speech In The Video (MUST SEE)


– Rob Level

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