5 Reasons To Start A Rap Group Or Rap Collective NOW

Today we are going to talk about the REASONS you should start a rap group or start a rap collective. 

There are reasons why groups like Odd Future, ASAP, and others gained more exposure faster than just one rapper trying to do it on his or her own. 

When you think about the phrase teamwork makes the dream work… it’s VERY true. 

1) More people working for the same goal 

Overall, you have to understand that when 3 or more people are working towards the same goal as a TEAM that you are going to get to that goal MUCH MUCH faster. 

If you are working by yourself to make it to the top, you only have YOUR MIND and YOUR ENERGY to focus on getting to the goal but if you have a group of people it all happens much faster for you. You also learn faster because of what you are learning from those people in the group.

This is also known as a mastermind group. If you read books like Think And Grow Rich it teaches you the massive importance of masterminds because the power of people working together is an extremely powerful thing. 

The easiest picture I can put in your mind for this is to think about this. 

If you want to lift something that weighs 1,000 pounds, there IS NO WAY you can possibly lift that thing and move it to the goal by yourself. But as more people get involved, say 10 people all lifting at once, you can basically pick up that 1,000 pounds with absolute ease. 

That’s a great way to think of teamwork. And the more people you get involved the easier the lifting and moving forward gets. 

2) More Money And Resources To Work With When Starting A Rap Group

If you didn’t already understand the power of teamwork and starting a rap group or rap collective from number 1 then this will definitely make it a lot easier for you to understand. 

You, only have so much money in your pocket. It would take you 6 months to save up for a decent home studio, right?

Well, what if you and 5 other rappers all were working to get the music gear together? You could have that studio in 1 month… Think about that.

3) Ideas For Marketing Come Faster

Have you ever sat and tried to think of ideas for something before? Of course you have. Now, what happens when you do it with other people?

You get to bounce the ideas off of the other people and they have ideas and it sparks more ideas in you and you get even better ideas and they even come faster than they would have alone if they would have even come at all. 

When you are thinking of ways to promote your new singles your new music videos or anything else. You are going to come up with even better ideas way faster. This means you are going to grow faster as a music team. 

5 or more people all thinking about how they can promote each other and their projects as a team. This is very powerful. 

Marketing is VERY important. If you make something amazing but no one ever hears it it is as if it never existed. Don’t forget that. 

4) Your Network Grows Faster When You Start A Rap Group

If I had 5 of me… Oh, I swear!!!! A lot of every industry comes down to who you know. I always thought that was stupid and I refused to believe that until I started living in LA and saw that 99% of the people who have anything they have is because they knew somebody.

And that’s all it really takes. A lot of the rappers that are HUGE right now are really only huge because they knew someone who knew someone and plugged them for an opportunity that then moved them to the next level. 

It’s almost unfair. But the sooner you realize that’s how it works, the sooner you will grow faster. 

If you have 5 people meeting new people and always looking for opportunities you are going to launch your rap group or rap collective WAY faster than you would just trying to do it alone.

And as soon as you start seeing the connections come in more and more you will understand why you should have started networking sooner. 

5) You learn what works faster

The reason starting a rap group or collective works so well in the earlier stages of your career is because you get to learn from the mistakes of a lot of artists faster. 

You making mistakes only allows you to learn from YOUR mistakes but if you have a bunch of rappers all trying new things on a regular basis you can learn and confirm what works and what doesn’t work. 

Remember if you are going to start a rap group, only let people in the group who are really all for the team and who are willing to help. People who are greedy or only willing and there to help themselves will only end up falling out of the group later anyways.

There are TONS of examples of this in major groups in history. People who have no work ethic or really don’t want to succeed never really succeed and they never apply themselves. So they just leech on the rest of the group.

Now you can’t always tell who these people are at first but you figure it out eventually. 

Better to know what to look for in the person before you even get started.

But if someone has a lot of work ethic, is talented, wants to help, and is always pushing you to be a better person and artist, that is the person you want in your rap group. 

Also consider that when you start a rap group, you can let certain people do whatever their strengths are. One person can make the money, one person can focus on networking, one person might be the marketing guru who is really good at promotional ideas.

– Rob Level

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