5 Steps To Profiting From Your Music (Step 1 Of 5)

5 Steps to Profiting From Your Music (Step 1 Of 5)

5 Steps to Profiting From Your Music (Step 1 Of 5) Transcript

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This is my $300,000 fully customized McLaren with my name, and I’m sitting on it not to show off. I’m sitting on it so that anybody who doesn’t know about Rob Level, understands that I truly live this life and I know how to run my record label and I know how to make money in the music industry, and I’m going to help you do the same thing.

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You’re welcome. So to make money from your music, I made the short five part video series so you can understand really how true business works and how to make money with your music. You’re going to see. You don’t have to watch them in any specific order. I separated them, but they’re all important, so please don’t miss any of them.

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The other four are going to be in the description this video. Let’s get into it. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. Let’s talk about how you can start making money from your music.

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Yeah. First of all, and this is going to sound like stuff that you may think you know, but stuff that you’re not doing. And this is the first thing this key is knowing exactly who your ideal fan is. Let me explain why this is important, Right? Because you right now immediately create a profile of your perfect fan. What do your fans where? Where do they work? What TV shows do they watch? Who’s blogs do they read? What do they do for recreation? And who’s their favorite cultural hero? Okay, who they look up to. If you’re unable to explain your fans in detail, you should immediately begin looking for a solution to finding out how. Knowing precisely who your followers, and the channels of influence that you have, as well as how to contact them and manage the way that you engage with them is key.

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Okay. This is why it’s important. Ignoring these insights will result in opportunities, money and time wasted. How can you be able to promote your talents in a manner that’s going to benefit everyone If you don’t know where your followers congregate, where do they come together? What are they interested in and why do they spend money? Especially on music? When you disregard this aspect, potential listeners move on without experiencing your song because you’re targeting to the wrong person.

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You get that and you continue without the satisfaction of actually having your music shared to the right people and it actually coming together as you making money. So you need to conduct some basic study to get a solution for this. If you perform live, you can ask the audience questions. They’re in the intermission or you can ask them after the performance, or sometimes even before. You need to really write down, document your observations, what type of individuals visit you, what characteristics do your fans share?

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Now, what’s important is you might actually discover a part of the population that you’ve been ignoring, right? So think about that and those people could benefit from your music and all you’ve got to do is ask these questions. That’s all. Observe the types of individual who support similar artists, especially if you’re just starting out okay, Or just define the type of individual that you wish to appeal to with your music or your record label just doesn’t need to be ridiculously complicated.

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Just answer the questions as best as you can. Determine the types of people that you wish to reach with your marketing and any other type of sales that’ll make you money. This is going to make sure that you get where you want to get, ten times faster because your marketing dollars are going ten times further. You’re putting money to reach people with your music that are the right people, that want to listen, that will listen, that will become a fan. Who are those people? Just sit down and answer the questions.

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I have cheat sheets for you on this stuff that you can get musicindustryshortcut.com/programs. There’s a bunch of free cheat sheets on every single page is different for every category that you and I also have over a hundred masterclasses to help artists just like you and me, no matter where we’re at in music history. Get where you need to get because I’ve done it. I’ve been there, the label deals, I’ve done all this crap and I’ve already overcome the hurdle and I don’t want you to have to waste your time overcoming the hurdle either.

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And that’s why I made these masterclasses. They’re all there for you. Make sure hit subscribe for me. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper, go get yourself some money. Keep hustling. I see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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