5 Steps To Profiting From Your Music (Step 3 Of 5)

5 Steps to Profiting From Your Music (Step 3 Of 5)

5 Steps to Profiting From Your Music (Step 3 Of 5) Transcript

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This is my $300,000 fully customized McLaren with my name, and I’m sitting on it not to show off. I’m sitting on it so that anybody who doesn’t know about Rob Level, understands that I truly live this life and I know how to run my record label and I know how to make money in the music industry, and I’m going to help you do the same thing.

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You’re welcome. So to make money from your music, I made the short five part video series so you can understand really how true business works and how to make money with your music. You’re going to see. You don’t have to watch them in any specific order. I separated them, but they’re all important, so please don’t miss any of them.

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The other four are going to be in the description this video. Let’s get into it. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. Let’s talk about how you can start making money from your music.

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Okay. All right. Step number three to make your money for your music is using a brand identity statement. BIS. Imagine that there’s a target. You actually have to understand, you have to hit that bullseye. You have to understand exactly who you’re aiming for. In the last two videos may seem very similar, but do you see how making money from people comes into knowing exactly who the audience is, who the people are listening. And then also realize later you’re like, Well, I want everybody to be fans.

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Well, they will start becoming fans after you’ve already grown your primary audience. I’m going to make sure I mention that. Okay, So consider your music itself. The music business a gun, right? A bullet. Imagine that the population of people is on a target. Where are you going to shoot this bullet? There’s different demographics, rap, pop, R&B. Okay. Now, when you’re marketing your music, you have to aim for the bull’s eye of that target that represents the perfect fan.

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You’re always shooting for that. Don’t forget it. You need to send custom messages to, you know, online blogs, podcast influencers that have that audience that you need. And all this research that you’re doing from these steps is done for a reason. Because once you have the ideal fan, you can identify what media they like. Then you can send targeted messages, right?

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Then you can ask yourself, How do you communicate? Most artists, they advertise a music wrong. Let’s keep it real. So number one to shooting bullets randomly. And you already probably doing this. I know I did this in beginning in your accomplishing very little and you’re not gaining any fans. Right. And I mean, look, the truth is it might not even be your music.

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It might be that you’re just targeting the wrong people with your music, with your marketing. Number two, you got to make sure that your message is strong enough when you’re marketing. Because if people see your message, they kind of like it, but they don’t necessarily stick. In order to do that you’ve got to create a brand identity statement. And what it is, is a brief statement, a 15 or fewer words that summarizes your songs, your image and your music.

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If you could sum everything up good about your music, you’d have a brand identity statement. You include the benefits of your brand for people listening to you. Okay. And just so you know, the traditional in marketing brand identity statement is about eight words. That’s all. Now, listen, they have two different uses. They have internal, and then you have an outward brand identity statement.

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Break this down, internal brand identity statements. Focus on your marketing message. When you compose a news release, schedule a photoshoot, you have a radio interview, or you make an album cover. Keep your vision on your core brand. All right. For example, if your music’s really serious, you don’t do much funny music. You shouldn’t be making funny content because there’s the you see the disconnect.

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Your brand identity statement keeps your marketing message consistent so you don’t lose people. So you gain people, right? And this is also the same thing when you’re talked about in major publications. When you do an interview, you do a podcast. This message is consistently the same. So people who are tuning in, they’re resonating, they’re sticking with you. They understand you because it’s consistently you, it’s your brand.

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You don’t detour from it. An external. This is pretty much how it looks in public. How does it look on your t shirts, on your website, on the banners, on your YouTube? Right. Because people will remember you musical identity and benefits every time they hear your name. If you do this right.

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I have cheat sheets for you on this stuff that you can get musicindustryshortcut.com/programs. There’s a bunch of free cheat sheets on every single page is different for every category that you and I also have over a hundred masterclasses to help artists just like you and me, no matter where we’re at in music history. Get where you need to get because I’ve done it. I’ve been there, the label deals, I’ve done all this crap and I’ve already overcome the hurdle and I don’t want you to have to waste your time overcoming the hurdle either.

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And that’s why I made these masterclasses. They’re all there for you. Make sure hit subscribe for me. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper, go get yourself some money. Keep hustling. I see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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