5 Things Rappers All NEED To SUCCEED

5 Things Rappers All NEED To SUCCEED

Forever. I love this right here. Viking’s a rebel can’t live with that. You could become a star that day on ground level. This is what rapper techology is smart. Read the intro. Now one thing a good rapper would care about is you got to have a good team and make a profit on all that beauty and it just stresses on the people that you surround yourself with the people that really affect how your mind goes. There are so many options for shit like Well that sounds in Chicago and I’m all in trouble. What have you the people here are just getting shot. Why do you always say that. And I said oh we got this Tuesday. We got to go live this song shit Les Brown. We had nothing else to do. Right. People who are round with are ones who put those thoughts in your head and you’re going to become part of that social circle.

It’s just human nature. You find a way you heal people who like drugs you do drugs. People go out and party with that and you will always go to a party with that person. What you need and the people who want to work and you want to be successful and they want to be smarter. They want to move on. So right so that’s your voice and you are basically your match randomizer I’m teaching you I’m sorry to give you an analogy but imagine if you could surround yourself with fans. I’m also a fine writer. Find yourself with people who are like you who want to do better. You’re all going together that’s a super team and you get rid of people who are nothing if you don’t wanna grow dope or they’re not.

It’s not not that everybody says they want to do something and then they go off and do it her. They’re trying to just focus on girls and focusing on some other shit. That’s why they never succeed. You have to. Focus on a goal like damn work and then grow and then find the people in your journey that you like you want to be on your team and help them grow and find mentors and people can help guide you. That’s what casual a good team is essential measure the rate of making the right engineering mastery engineer the right producers if you can get producers interstate or you level disarm and solving things that you find the right people to find the wrong people. You don’t either cut them out from the red ones especially for the super team.

Every every marketing or any other is super successful. The reason is successful honestly it’s because they have a team of people. Right. This includes a lot of things. All right let’s go on to number two. Believe or not this is not mandatory but it’s something that you really should have if at all possible it does have to be crazier stranded in the home studio needed a good studio needed a good quality studio. I’m not talking about a super studio where you you’re a brand you go to the studio and they have this huge all acoustically treated in here is a hundred dollars now. You don’t need that. What you need is you need to lease a basic home set up where you can record. So we’re quality balls and 5000 our home studio is actually sufficient enough to actually get a bunch at the next level because a good engineer can take a decent boltholes and put them up use and interact and mix it up and it’s going to sound fantastic.

5 Things Rappers All NEED To SUCCEED

There are exceptions all sorts of pop over the really shitty low quality something that happens and how often does it happen that doesn’t really happen very often. If you are in some kind of have the studio. This is so read this is a little shit. Please listen right now when you have a high quality microphone in premium. As soon as you say anything. It just sounds amazing. I get far into the mike not any time soon and for a while. Sounds good. We have a low quality microphone and you say something new to it. You are a kind Dauch. So when I have lower quality gear I was like how old will it.

If you have your hand on my phone and you have everything preset on your tablet and pro tools in it. You say your voice is crystal clear. I. We are working on songs you believe in yourself. Way more. Something I never told you guys before because you can feel the stress and the pressure of having to get hired polling gear. You have higher quality gear and I’ll call them up really high gear because. Even if my vote. This audio spotlight with a heart out. That was my pee. I see prove years ago and I were sold each week for a tax return because I was the moment. I believe that we forever. That’s why I honestly don’t know. Now I have like. Ten thousand hours to you here.

Even this is a thousand preambles thousand. I mean WAY YOU’RE CALLING 3000 or maybe microphone not I work for even talking to that more focused with that so I replicated what the studio has and where are my teams do you work that’s worked with the same setup. I bet it just. Sounds beautiful right. Well we don’t put so much power in having quality gear that we have at your home and that’s okay. Have you ever on my phone and I had a 600 preamp a preplanned mode to travel and K2. That and that is what I need a lot of my profits on. And that sounded a really good meeting that was only fourteen hundred dollars. But I had a really good son. I believe in myself so much more because I had a high quality studio and that Coffey’s from across my iPhone are changing but that wasn’t the actual number of free you are releasing using anything else yet.

This song is that you actually have to have a plan you can fly off with some. Blow up. Now she works one of the biggest issues the mojados happens is they will spend more time working on the song and they will spend more in the fall. Remember guys and girls it takes months of work rather like like with around 9 month for regular pop off the food Drag Queen Latifah for nine months. Okay and if you’re a strategy people plan you’re actually working the record to comes out and believe and get a team of people that believe in it. I believe studio that shows you how sincerity makes it. You don’t say it sounds great you believe in the record.

You did her aid and want to be able to push this on bleeding. So you believe the sum of everything that was behind it and then if you have a strategy you don’t have the talent shooting in the air. You know this is OK. This is how it for me to tell you the market Ill allow you to believe in yourself. And how the strategy things actually work much better. How are we doing this. What have the markets where we want to allocate money to make sure that this moves and Dawsons all of that stress. You can’t let the song famous rapper that happened since this holiday they think that it did happen. But there were a lot more Xingwana back. You really number for something that you really need right is well organized families who have control of your band just happens.

5 Things Rappers All NEED To SUCCEED

But your fans listen to you. That’s when you can actually get people music for you. You have the space for more than a hundred people that would hold for song I wish to release a song you had a hundred ten people now a thousand people see it then you know how many try to convince you again you do it again. You do get together organize fan base following you have a passion you have to think what sort of thing that people follow you for. You know like your thing that got Lady Gaga has the monsters and Nicki Minaj has her Barbies right. See. And there was a lot of people that they have things like you know people who follow things like a drug is Oleo and Lil Wayne was using them money. So if I ever went totally they called something MJK.

Yes. He had just you know we have people associate your famous on something you can give them something to believe or they were juggalos and pentathletes those people are diehard. OK. Those people hate the shit out there with the little girl that everything just like you can get your fans technology technicians right. Those little things and if you have a stronger connection your fans are more willing to help you. And if you could organize that orchestrated and utilize it properly you’ll grow much faster. Number five you know this guy reiterated he said you need one.

Need financing need you don’t need to have cash flow to grow your brand. Because money of these are easier for you. Hey you have one. You can put it in places you can pay to play here. You’re paying for this. You want to pay for this. Mean this happened. Now it’s hard to give your hand the time to get money but you can always feel like you said it’s a CDS. What are you looking out for all these things have smart as your goal is going to the time. She took 10 years to get to this shit. Really. Like for real life don’t go I don’t need you. But the thing is it takes time. Right. So you get money looking for him for your business skills. You can approach improperly you remember the record you guys. Is there anybody you’re ever going to have on your team is going to leave you with the offer that feeding so you have to think about money. You pay your teams you can grow up and people making money. If

you really want to make more money because they make more money than you make more money than they make more money that’s the business people making money together. Right. That’s a good thing. And when you make money this is all from when I make money was Rosia on the money with this person I trust the person more on that we’re making money together. We are now in charge. OK and that’s a lot of people love it. So you can make money whether you’re strong or not. OK. You became a smart rapper who would like for once a day with that comment even if it’s something you want to leave a comment below it really helps and adds up. And then he releases right when you try. A little bit find some movies and videos. You caught us releasing the video every single day. This is from the start. This one is so good you mentioned how the broad array of forever calm as you get another video. So here’s some more videos. Check those out. You can come smart see small.


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