5 Things That Ruined Rappers Careers FOREVER

5 Things That Ruined Rappers Careers

I like to start with this one just so you upcoming artists can be aware of this to protect yourself when you are on the come up as a super star music artist.

Girls… Evil Temptresses

First and foremost, quick artist tip… if you ever have a girl sleep over at your place and you don’t trust her or you don’t know her…. Take her phone before you go to sleep… which is hard to do OR you have to kick her out.

Because not only will she possibly videotape you while you are sleeping… she might steal from you while you are sleeping.

Look at two things that happened in the SAME MONTH to Blue Face in February 2019 that had to do with women.

He fell asleep and that thot took video of him sleeping with her over him to promote herself and that was posted on 100s of hip hop pages.

2 weeks later he gets caught talking to transgender GUY who was offering him head before a show. Lucky for him he didn’t continue talking to HIM because that could have went sideways and really screwed him.

Now real quick let’s talk about how it ruined a rappers career. Do you know who Lloyd Banks is? He was part of G Unit with 50 cent back around 2004 when everything started blowing up.

Lloyd banks released Hunger For More which to me honestly was an amazing album.

That album went platinum by the way.

Lloyd banks career was on the rise. All he had to do was keep making great songs and his career would have thrived….

But unfortunately he didn’t. Because while he was sleeping one night, 2 of the groupies he had over robbed him and stole his hard drives that had the only files from his 2nd album on it.

So he had to RE RECORD his entire 2nd album.

And if you are an artist you know that the initial vibes and excitement of creating a song are captured in those first creations from start to finish. Re recording an album will never come out the same. That album released and did poorly selling only half the units the first one did.

Makes sense the album was called Rotten Apple. He was an artist I really liked but I stopped listening after that. He came back with Beamer Benz and Bentley but those kind of songs never really appealed to me. So I moved on to other artists.

Not Being REAL

Not being really what you talk about in your music

If your music is based on you being street or let’s say you claim this and that and suddenly someone puts you in your place and proves you are fake.

When people all see who you REALLY are and they expected you to be what you talked about in your music…. It’s going to be hard for that person to feel genuine even listening to you.

There’s a reason rappers with street credibility sell more and last longer than rappers who get caught faking it.

While we still like artists like 21 Savage after we find out they were lying about where they were born… him never telling us where he was actually from really affects how we perceive him now. NOT A LOT… but don’t you think about it now.

When Young Dolph says he has been independent this WHOLE TIME and then suddenly tells us “Sorry you guys I lied, I have actually had a big deal this whole time I signed YEARS AGO that helped me get where I am” we feel betrayed… we still like him… but it’s not the same.

You have to be REAL and honest. If you are not in the streets selling drugs… don’t rap about it. Rap about what you know. The more genuine you are, the more people can connect with you and relate to you.

It also allows you to be able to speak more freely to your audience for the long run. They know you are being yourself and that is always what they are looking for from you. You’ll never have to be fake if you never start out fake.

Burning Bridges With A LOT Of Fire

Some artists get SUPER BIG and think because they are on top of the world that nothing can touch them.

Unfortunately you aren’t at the top forever and have to come back down to those people eventually.

If you piss off label heads and then eventually get dropped from your label, the label heads talk to each other, you think other labels are going to want to sign you now?

You think if you shit on a rapper you laughed at when he asked for a collab is going to mess with you when he starts buzzing? No. It’s best to be nice to as many people as you possibly can. Be friends with everyone.

There are artists that fall off and come back every few years. This is only even possible because they kept GOOD relationships their entire career. They can ask people for favors. They have put in the time and the work.

Spending Your Money Wrong

Sure you get a BIG LABEL DEAL not understanding you are really in debt and all that… but let’s say you do a 3 album deal and you also stacked a bunch of your own money.

When you get out of the label deal how are you going to invest money for your next project you are now releasing independently?

How are you marketing your new music? How are you paying for your music videos?

Most artists fall off because when someone else is doing all the work for them it’s no problem but when they have to start investing THEIR money and taking the risks with THEIR money they don’t do it.

Often people get label deals and if the first project doesn’t do numbers they just see the artist as a failure and they move onto the next artist and focus on them. They leave the non performing artists for dead because they are not seeing a ROI and after all it IS a business.

So if you are a upcoming music artist take that into account.

Not Staying Consistent

If we see an artist that is SUPER HOT for a summer suddenly be non existent in 6 months… this was generally from their lack of work ethic.

You have to consistently be making MUSIC, promoting yourself, creating content and moving FORWARD with your career.

Most artists think that you can have a hot song and BOOM you are hot forever. I mean… that’s what I thought and man I was wrong. Problem is though that most artists never recover from this pitfall. Because working your way back up the totem pole after such a long hard fall shakes your life to the core.

You suddenly realize all it takes and most artists just give up. They have already become absorbed in the fast life of the women, cars, mansions, fans and attention. And when that leaves, they are endlessly searching for those things and the feeling of being on top.

They can’t seem to work AROUND it and then just wallow in their sorrows and die off.

Look at someone like Desiggner. Panda was an AMAZING record. He had timmy turner which is a C class record after that but… then what? I mean he was signed to GOOD Music Under Kanye… but he wasn’t producing anything valuable. Where is he now?

I honestly don’t know the answer. And I’m not trying to be disrespectful I am using this as an example to educate. He was SUPER BUZZING for a year then boop… gone. Like most artists.

When you get to the top, you have to work twice as hard to STAY on top while also juggling the life style that exists. And you CAN’T TAKE BREAKS. People just move on… it doesn’t matter who you are.

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