5 Things To Do If A Rapper Sends A Wack Verse

5 Things To Do If A Rapper Sends A Wack Verse

What if someone sends you a wack verse for a collab

FIrst I’d get a second opinion on it. Maybe it’s not as wack as you really think it is

2) Take into consideration it’s not even mixed yet (if you got the unmixed files like you should have) And everything sounds better mixed.

3) DId they send you the layers for the vocals? The voice overs and the adlibs? Because those always help it sound better as well. Some verses can’t stand alone without adlibs. Think about how Designner Panda is 80% better because of his adlibs.

4) If it really isn’t good make sure you approach them with a bunch of things you like about it first. For instance… I love the flow man, it’s great, but Ive heard your other stuff, I know you got hotter than this.

Even offer to rewrite or re record your own verse if it will make them feel better. Or say that you thought your verse needed to be better too.

Just make sure you approach it as nicely as possible.

5) Now if they spaz out when you request a new verse. Keep your cool and continue being nice. Tell them to sleep on it and talk about it the next day. Let them know you really respect them and you really want them on your song and know they have what it takes.


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