How To Find Your Rapper Voice

how to find your rap voice

How To Find Your Rap Voice

how to find your rap voice

In the how to find your rap voice video I mention the E-book  ‘How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes

I just updated the How to find your rap voice E-book and also expanded on it by including two new types of E-books – One for finding a raspier voice and one for finding a deeper rap voice – and included them for free along with the original updated E-book.

Now all bases of finding a rap voice are covered and all questions are answered that have been asked the last 6 months since the Smart Rapper site launch.

A link to the How To Find Your Rap Voice Set can be found here

Rap Voice Trilogy Set [Deep, Raspy Or Cool]

You’ll love it, it will change how your brain is wired to thinking about your rap voice.

Your Voice = An Instrument

The first thing I am going to mention is that your product, your music, is the thing that represents you more than anything to the world.

If your music isn’t good….. It will make attaining the highest levels and more importantly, keeping it, literally impossible.

Before I even start this chapter I am going to point out that there is not anything in this guide on how to make songs, write better lyrics, make hit songs, the secrets of writing etc. This guide is purely for building a fan base.

Although, some of the information does run along the lines of the creation to help you.

I am in the process of creating an ENTIRE guide to making songs, learning how to write insanely well including all of my secrets and much more.

I will be creating an entire mixtape from scratch and record and explain every single bit of it as I do it, and you get to join the process to learn my techniques. 🙂 I’m VERY excited to do that!

How Do I Find My Best Voice To Record My Music?

I’ll start with something that will make you instantly feel better. Most artist hate their voices at first, I know I did.

You should have heard all of the voices I tried until I finally realized just being myself worked best for me to fluctuate my vocals around to build the style more.

I sat down with a very well known rapper and had lunch, he specifically pointed out how he HATES his voice, but who cares.. everyone else seems to love it, right?

There are things to consider with the voice, you can do anything from a laid back almost whispering voice style to a full out screaming rap style. Which one of these best fits your voice?

When you scream you may have an insanely cool voice once you develop your style with it. Or maybe a laid back voice you have is your coolest rap voice?


Please understand that the voice is the voice, your flow is something completely separate that you also build.

How To Find Your Rapper Voice is a bit of a challenge, but you will get it! Developing a good flow with a cool voice is key to building your style and therefore gaining fans. When someone likes the sound of someones voice, they tend to connect faster, regardless of lyrical content or topic matter. They look for lyrics AFTER they hear the voice and sound, not before.

For instance, I love ASAP Ferg’s voice, but his lyrics and topic matter, I’m not a fan of.

Same goes for Chief Keef, cool voice, no lyrics. Yet he seems to have millions of dumbed down fans hanging off of every song he releases because they don’t care about lyrics.

ASAP Rocky has a super swagged out style and flow. But I’ve never once heard him say anything witty, use a multi structure or say a dope punchline. Yet he is one of the biggest rappers out with people acting like he has all of those things.

Proof that A flow and style alone can bring you greatness.

Beat choice comes into play with your voice as well, You can’t just use any style on any beat. Again, When I do a guide on how to rap, I’ll talk more about this. For now it’s how to build a fan base.

How do you want your rap voice to sound?


Do you want to sound sincere? Are you a real talk artist?

Do you want to make gangster music and sound aggressive and angry?

Choosing your voice depends on those factors as well. Keep this all in mind, every bit adds up and the development of the voice is VITAL to your career success. Even artist who are already HUGE are consistently growing their voices and styles, becoming MORE of an artist. Great examples would be Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.


Let me give you some rap voice examples.

rick ross how to find your rapper voice

Check out how squeaky, fragile and weak Rick Ross sounded in 2005 when he first came out. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THESE COMPARISONS IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Now listen to how he honed his flow is and how deep and cool his voice sounds today after YEARS of growth. He may even be deepening his voice through the audio software. It is that different of a vocal.

Even Lil Wayne had to find out ‘How To Find Your Rapper Voice’ over time. I can make the same comparisons with Lil Wayne and almost any rapper you can name. Check out anything from Lil Wayne on the Carter II and then compare it to anything after the Carter III.

The rasp, flow and control increases dramatically as these artist develop.

My music from 2010 is insanely weak vocally compared to what it is today after writing and recording 5,000+ songs.

Lil wayne how to find your rapper voiceI’m leaving the flow development to you, maybe in the future if I get enough request I will actually show people how to develop their flows. Or you can just get in on that rap guide I’ll be making that will help you find everything.

At this point though I feel it is important for you to develop yourself ALONE so that nothing influences your growth other than personal improvement.

Everyone’s flows are different for that reason.

My musical influences from a child to my current age are what gives me my unique sound, approach and flow.

If you have none, blame your parents for listening to shitty music that you heard for the first 18 years of life while being around them.

Whoever you listen to on a daily basis is who you will subconsciously mimic. This is why I don’t listen to any artist or artist that are anywhere near my genre style.

There is a reason every artist sounded like Drake for 2 years after Drake came out and a reason why every rapper sounded like Kendrick Lamar for 2 years after Kendrick came out.

Subconsciously you WILL mimic/mirror whoever you listen to, whether you want to or not. 


When someone approaches me and asks me to check out their stuff, I can instantly tell who their favorite rappers are. If you want to be unique, Don’t be that guy. I go much much deeper into this in the How To Find Your Rap Voice Trilogy.

I made an entire 28 page E-book on finding your coolest rap voice in 15 minutes. 

I just updated it and it comes with 2 new E-books:

The How To Make Your Rap Voice Deeper E-book + Video [25 Page E-book]

The How To Find Your Raspy Voice E-book + Video [23 Page E-book]

You can check that out here! It is an absolutely incredible resource for any serious rapper. 

How To Find Your Best Emcee Rap Voice


Let’s move onto how you can start recording yourself at home

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