Part 10: How To Start A Website In Minutes + Secret Hacks (Step By Step)

Part 10: How To Start A Website In Minutes + Secret Hacks (Step By Step)

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Here are all the tutorials you will need to get your website looking nice and clean. Then you can start posting content and driving traffic to your site to make money from affiliate links.


Don’t feel overwhelmed or be scared. Anytime we step into something new in life it causes anxiety but that just means you are doing something outside of your comfort zone. And that is when we grow. The changes you are making right now are the ones that will make you more money, make you happier and change your life forever.


You are already this far, why stop now? Get all the basic ground work done and start making some money. You deserve it… at least you will if you put in the work!


  1. Inside Tour Of The Hosting Provider


  1. How To Make Your Own Custom E-mail Address


  1. How To Set Up Your Theme For Your Website


  1. Choosing A Cooler Theme For Your Website


  1. How To Create Pages And Posts For Your Site


  1. Plugs Ins You Need To Grow Your Site And Fan Base


  1. Setting Up Your Menus And Drop Downs


  1. How To Set Up Widgets


  1. Setting A Site Logo, Icon, Header Picture And More


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