The Shocking Reason Apple Is Killing iTunes (Does It Hurt You?)


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I’m Rob Level, a rapper just like you, and today we are talking about iTUNES GETTING SHUT DOWN! 

Is it really closing?? What does that mean for artists like me and you?

I’m going to go over everything you need to know about iTunes shutting down and the impact on you and your music.

Rap School’s in for the summer, gang! Alright, let’s get into it.

So Recently, Apple hit the world with a pretty big announcement.

After almost 20 years, Apple said they would be shutting down the iTunes store.


As a iTunes Top 100 Artist myself, I’m thinking what? What does this mean??

What does this mean for artists who sold music on iTunes? Does it just get wiped away?? WHAT IS HAPPENING??

I needed some answers so I dug around a little and wanted to share with you guys what I found – in case you got freaked out too!

First off, why are they even doing this?

It turns out that Apple kinda feels like iTunes has gotten mad crowded since they have been making more and more content types available for purchase on their platform.

iTunes eventually got to a point where you could buy and watch movies, tv shows, audio only stuff, music, visual albums – it was a lot of stuff.

Because of how much was stored and maintained, the iTunes store was slow and disorganized.

It’s funny because iTunes actually CHANGED the way music is listened to completely – back when Apple released the first iPods.

Shoutout if you ever had an ipod in the comments –

Now fast forward two decades and iTunes been outshined by sites like Spotify who follow a STREAMING model instead of one-off music purchases – making the whole iTunes system obsolete. [add definition of word]

OKAY…but is iTunes really closing??

Like, as an artist, if people bought your music, do they still get to keep it?



They aren’t REALLY killing it off – they are more like giving it a makeover. [makeover clip:]

PLUS, THEY aren’t EVEN deleting it – you’ll still be able to access it on a sidebar of Apple Music.

They are also making Apple TV and Apple Podcasts to help keep it all organized.

Which means Downloads aren’t going away – you can still buy music.

You can even still have your library with songs ripped from CD’s – if anyone still does that.

But the whole landscape of how people listen to music – and what they are willing to pay for – has completely changed.

Spotify is over here killing it, and iTunes is like the old guy limping along behind.

Honestly, I believe they made this announcement to get press and attention, that’s it.

However, this definitely marks the end of an era for buying music.

Even if the iTunes store still exists – it’s symbolic.

Purchasing music in that way is known as an ownership model – as in, you own the music you buy.

Now, places like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal have embraced an access and usage model – meaning you pay to access and listen to music, but don’t own it.

This has been getting more popular in part to the fact we consume SO MUCH MUSIC these days.

Independent artists, DIY artists, plus labels’ and indie labels’ artists mean there is so much new stuff getting released so quickly that it almost goes by too fast to purchase!

Since new songs are constantly getting into rotation, it makes more sense to pay one fee to listen to everything. That’s just good business.

Take this to heart in terms of your releases – people aren’t listening to own your song for years, relistening a million times anymore.

They are hungry for new stuff CONSTANTLY.

I want you to think about this when you’re releasing your new music, okay, because this is actually going to help you gain fans A LOT FASTER and easier.

Here it is:

You need to release MORE music – even if it’s not a masterpiece.

You need to match the appetite of the audience for new music.

Spending a year working on one song people will listen to, love, and want a new one by Monday? NO WAY DUDE.

Get your schedule up. Get your productivity up.

This is the way to make it now.

You gotta be prolific and working on a time frame appropriate for the modern music industry.

Don’t be the rapper limping behind the others like iTunes and Spotify, okay?

Rise to the level you need to be on – or you might get left behind.

Alright Smart Rapper, I hope you enjoyed this video, hit me with a like, hit me with a subscribe, and let me know what you think of my new song in the comments –

I’m Rob Level, keep hustling Smart Rapper, I’ll see you at the top!

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