Best Advice For Rappers And Singers

why you safely take advice from me

Best Advice For Rappers And Singers

Stuff you probably didn’t know or realize.
Why I am 100% certified to help you grow your music fan base.

best advice for rappers

This isn’t to brag but to help validate why you can trust and believe me and the information I’m trying to give you on (FREE I might add)

I considered selling this to fans who ask for it and would buy it, but honestly, I want to help people. I’d rather this reach and help millions of people than get me paid from 50,000 people? I’m giving you the best advice for rappers and singers!

Once you learn to give, you will get. Sounds stupid but it’s something in life that just happens.

I am probably the only example you can find in the music industry that literally had NO help from ANYONE coming up.

1) No collaborations with other rappers. LITERALLY 0, EVER. Most artist blow up from collabs.

2) No Money or help towards my career as an artist. Most artist have financial backers to make it.

3) I bought all my own music equipment from working tons of day jobs, (sometimes 4 at one time)

4) I 100% taught myself how to use numerous types of Audio Software and mix/engineer.

5) I worked more day jobs when I needed a camera to shoot videos. Then I taught myself all aspects of video, lighting, framing, camera angles and their emotion,  perspective, all the additional movie/video gear and how to use it, and then I taught myself how to use the Adobe Premiere software.

6) Most of all, I also did all my own marketing and I know damn near everything about YouTube, Instagram, and Twitters algorithms and how to manipulate them. I watched their changes to be able to market consistently for years by flying right under their TOS perfectly to build fans.

Numerous people/companies have offered me money in the 5 digits for me to show them how I do everything at the low level because they know I’m doing it with close to $0 and they know they can scale that and dump in thousands and amplify what I can do in order to gain buzz on all ends.

The biggest reason you should take my advice on this stuff….. I am going to save you YEARS of mistakes that I already made. I WISH I had someone to teach me the industry from the beginning.

I’d be 100 times bigger than I am now, because all of the mistakes I made caused set backs that I had to recoup from.

Similar to a basketball player getting injured because he made the wrong move, didn’t understand not to do that because he didn’t have proper training. Now he has to sit out for 9 months and work his way back up to where he already was…. get me?

advice for singers and rappers artist

Most sites that want to give advice on this stuff, don’t have a fucking clue what it’s like to give up everything for a dream and work day in and day out for years living on couches at friend’s houses, people’s basements, anywhere you can live just to survive the month and keep working towards the dream.

Most articles I’ve ever read on the music industry for being artist, was not written by a person that is actually an artist. It was written by a guy trying to look at it from an artist perspective with his minuscule amount of industry knowledge from Googling information for an hour. Then he sold the article to the website because the website pays him $50-$200 to write an article.

That’s what free lancer writers do for a living so websites can gain traffic and have more content for search engines. Me speaking on Smart Rapper is 100% purely from hard life experience and failing until I started winning. That’s why you can consider this the best advice for rappers. I’ve been where you are sitting today.


Anyways now that I’ve vented. Let’s get you started!

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