Best Motivational Video For Struggling Rappers EVER!

Best Motivational Video For Struggling Rappers EVER!

Like I say in the Smart Rapper Manifesto… you are only 1 hit song away…

In this video I am going to explain to you how and when that moment of making an AMAZING song happens.
A huge power of having a hit song is that after you promote it enough… it starts spreading itself.

And if you keep promoting it as well as the momentum it will already have from being amazing… you will gain an entire fan base from that song.

Now if you don’t have any HIT songs or make super catchy choruses you have to have a fan base that is super strong for you to consistently build buzz when you release a project.

Like logic says… “The fans are the new hit song”

But really… the fans AND a hit song is the best bet so you can spread even further

When you make music, aren’t there times when you make something absolutely incredible… and other times when you just make BLAH.. uninspired and uninspiring stuff?

Well that is because when we create music we are creating it out of a vibe…

That vibe comes from…

1) How we feel at that moment
2) How inspired we are at that moment
3) The beat that is playing at that moment that is creating that vibe along with how we feel

Being in that exact moment and vibe to create something amazing comes at completely random times.

You can be trying to make songs to 10 different beats and nothing comes out of it but suddenly you turn on that 11th beat and BOOM, you are vibing, bobbing your head, you are inspired by the mood you’re in and the vibe of the beat.
Suddenly magic happens.

All you need is for THIS moment to happen.

I made this video to inspire you to ALWAYS be creating. Because what I am saying is… that moment CANNOT happen… if you are not always going thru beats, finding ways to be inspired and being creative to create something amazing.
Go out there an create something amazing.

I have a songwriting course you can check out if you want to check it out the links are below. I show you my process of creating 10 or more songs a day in a 4 hours course where I bring you into the studio.

Rob Level

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