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Smart Rappers, the response to our program has been insane. We are so proud of all of your work and hustle to succeed and get your music heard. You are the next generation of big name rappers. We are changing the music business, one Smart Rapper at a time.

Due To The INSANE Amount Of Submissions

We have to review you before you can get accepted for this.

But chances are if you even think you are good enough for this… there must be a reason?

Step 1: In order to submit your song for review sign up to the e-mail list below so we can contact you

Step 2: Confirm your subscription in your e-mail and you’ll get a link where you can submit your music for review

Step 3: Check out the video below to find out about a way to get heard by 15 Million People and have an opportunity for something I have been working on for years for you.

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Watch this video  

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We were waiting to tell you about something else, but things are getting real now…

Rob has known for a long time how talented Smart Rappers are… and that the world needs to know about it.

That’s why he’s spent the last year working with beatmakers and producers, writing and recording his parts on an entire album – the very first ever Smart Rapper Mixtape.

You read that right – We’re About To Release Our First Project Together.

Each song will be a collab with Rob himself and feature Smart Rappers on the verses. We about to have The Littest independently sourced rap mixtape ever!

Once it’s done, Rob and the Smart Rapper team will go ham to promote it through press, blogs, Spotify, social media, film + TV and more – plus all the featured Smart Rappers and the entire Smart Rapper Gang will be repping for the tape.

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