7 Amazing Books That Will Change Your Life Forever When You Open Them

Books That Will Change Your Lifebooks that will change your life

Books That Will Change Your Life

These are books that will change your life! They changed my life and I want to share with you the books and the reasons why.

Now when I say these are books that will change your life, I mean these are books that will create a shift in your mind so drastically that it really does change your life.

It will change your perspective and how you look at things.

When you evolve your mindset everything will change for you. It changed for me.


I’ll put these books in the order of which ones changed my life the most to the least but they are all still important. For a full list of all of the books I have read that still did change my life in some way you can go here.

If for some reason you feel like you are slacking and want to find reasons to start reading these books that will change your life and stop procrastinating then well… open this to read next…. 16 mind tricks to help you STOP PROCRASTINATING!


the 48 laws of power book

Books That Will Change Your Life

Life Changing Book #1

The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene – *I’ve Read It 15+ times

Anytime I start having a conversation about books I immediately recommend that someone reads this book.

Opening this book was the moment I realized all of the power and knowledge that books will truly bring to your life.

It goes through history and shows you how kings, queens, emperors and anyone who has ever been in power attained and kept their power.

It allows you to do what history does best…. learn from other people’s mistakes and moves.

48 laws of power book cover

The book consists of 48 different things you can apply to your life. (Obviously)

As you read the book you will realize you were missing this information your entire life.

I first read this book when I was in a super depressed time in my life.

So I was taking every single law and seeing where it had been used on me at some time and it made me feel like I had been abused by people who already knew the power this book held.

It made me recomb over every moment in my life and look at it using the laws.

I relived my life and every moment where I could have changed something using the law or a time I witnessed someone else use it. It was absolutely crazy.


I remembered times where people completely backed off when I used Law 28.

Or the time when I did side hustle scams to survive and was using Law 32 without knowing it.

Or Law 1 from times when people got mad at me for just being myself.

Or how I would always look stupid from not knowing Law 4.

I used Law 25 to change my entire career like a genius.

My whole life I have worked my ass off and lived by Law 40.

Or how I started changing my life by applying Law 10 and started changing my friend group.

I blended in my whole life using Law 38…. The list goes on…. and on… and on…. and on…


You need this in your life.


The power of now book

Life Changing Book #2

The Power Of Now by Eckart Toll 5+ Reads

the power of now to learn how to be happy

An amazing  book that completely changed my life and helped me understand how to truly LIVE… not just be alive… but to live.

This book will help you so so much! I promise! I have read it 6 times now.

I re read it to refresh my mind on how to stay in the moment and remain happy by understanding what the human mind truly is.

It teaches you how to live in the moment and that your past thoughts and thoughts about the future don’t even exist. The only thing that exist is this moment right now.

And when you learn to the hit the switch and live in the moment now, you are always happy because pain only exist in your thought process.

Sounds crazy right? This book changed my life and showed me how to be happy much much more with just one simple understanding of presence.

If you don’t believe me… This book is a New York Times best seller and has sold millions of copies for a reason.


Think and grow rich book by napoleon hill

Books That Will Change Your Life #3

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – 4 Reads

This book taught me the power of actually networking with people and building the right team.

The power of finding my life purpose and understanding the direction I am going in, in order to shift my dreams into a reality.

He helps you set goals and know exactly what you want and where you want to be.

Napoleon Hill spent his whole life studying and talking to the worlds most successful people to find out what they all did to become so successful.

He takes all of those principles and combines them into this book and well as the Master Key System To Riches.

I love his personality and the way he talks.

It may be old… but the principles will be true until the end of time.

If you don’t want to read the book, you can watch this video and learn an enormous amount.



Think and grow rich book by napoleon hill

Life Changing Book #4

Out Of Your Mind By Alan Watts 

I… freaking… love… Alan Watt’s lectures.

His is so incredibly intelligent and witty. The way he delivers everything is amazing.

Also, this comes as an Audio Book option, just like everything else I recommend in this books that will change your life article.

All I can say about this is that it will completely bend your perception on things in life.

It will help you look at who you are and where you are going in life a new way.

Out of your mind is a combination of some of his best lectures.

Just listen to him talk for 2 minutes…. You’ll see why he is amazing.


mastery book

Books That Will Change Your Life #5

Mastery by Robert Greene – 5+ Reads

This book is absolutely amazing.

It taught me that any skill I wanted to learn in my life was completely learn-able.

It shows you how greats in history like Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Mozart and others became masters in their field.

The years of understanding and combining knowledge in other fields with their current base of knowledge to expand their ideas and grow their minds to become some of the greatest figures in the history of mankind.

It’s quite amazing.

What I really took away from it was that it truly does take the persistence, effort and dedication to get better at something.

It may seem like obvious information but when you see how they worked it’s a whole different ball game.

It let me know even more so that knowledge is power in all fields and knowledge will combine and intermingle with every other field to expand your intelligence in a different way.

books that change lives


the slight edge book

Life Changing Book #6

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson – 2 Reads

This book definitely changed my life.

It taught me how every single little extra thing you do adds up and puts you in the top 5% of people in the world.

That thing that was easy not to do… was actually just as easy to do if you took the effort.

And that was the 1 little thing 1,000’s of times that sets you apart from everyone else.


For example…. If I wanted to get better at writing song lyrics and I only got .1% better every time I worked on it… it doesn’t seem like much… does it?

But after 10 times of practicing… I am 1% better. 1% better than I was yesterday and 1% better than I would have been if I simply didn’t do it.

After 100 times of practicing I am 10% better…. And the tiny ‘Slight Edge‘ adds up over time.

The little things DO matter.

This book changed my life because it showed me to go above and beyond with everything I do because it all truly does add up.

Aligned with this you can also find out how to stay focused with everything you are trying to do.

Like Blink 182 says “All the, small things / True care, truth brings /


rich dad poor dad book

Books That Will Change Your Life #7

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

rich dad poor dad book cover

This book taught me the basics of money.

It’s really cool because Robert Kiyosaki uses the perfect example of 2 different kinds of fathers.

First he has his normal hard working dad who believed in working for the rest of your life after getting educated. The first dad didn’t know much about money, so he couldn’t really grow his money.

His second dad, his best friend’s dad, was a rich man who understood money very well.

He taught him and his friend how to make money work for you and where to invest it.

It teaches you what liabilities are and how to make your money make money.

Even if you aren’t too ‘big’ on caring about money right now, this book is fantastic, a must read and a super quick read.

I guarantee you it is one of the many books that will change your life.


how these books will change your life

How To Use The Books To Change Your Life Faster

Please realize we are all in different times in our lives and what we hear and learn we comprehend differently depending on the knowledge we currently possess.

That combined with how open our minds are and where we are in our lives right now.

When things directly effect us today they will stick with you easier.

how to read books faster

For instance, If I read a book right now about how to write and pitch a TV show pilot, I wouldn’t retain that much of it because I’m not interested in that AT THIS MOMENT.

But in a few months when I am working on pitching a TV show pilot, I am inspired and in that moment I WANT TO LEARN that information so if I read the book then it will stick.

Try to choose books that you are interested in right now so that they can actually have an affect on your life right now.

It’s called the ‘Just In Time’ method of learning and trust me it works.

So choose the book that interests you the most first and go from there 🙂

That’s the only way these will actually be books that will change your life!


You got this! Learn, apply, grow, evolve and be the best you that you can possibly be.


– Your Friend, Rob Level

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