Getting A Beat Video Placement

You can only apply for this placement if you have had the beat approved by the Smart Rapper Team using the submission process.

So if you accidentally stumbled onto this page don’t try to be sneaky.

The Big Benefits Of This

1) Your beat gets a PERMANENT placement in a Smart Rapper video that mentions your Producer Name, The Beat and A link straight to your beat in the Smart Rapper Beats Store.

My videos generally get a minimum of 5k views all the way up a couple hundred thousand views. That’s A LOT of exposure to you. 

(NOTE: You have already had your beat approved and will be added to our beat store anyways. We do not offer packages where we link to your own personal website. Not even for more money. We want to build trust for our beat store and add more community and sharing to everything. So when other beat makers buy slots, people will also see your beats when they click to our store.)

2) Your beat is in our beat store so every single day when someone hears a beat of the day in a video whether it is your beat or not, they are sent to the beat store where YOUR beat is. So you will get your beats seen on a regular basis. 

This video placement links them straight to your beat. 

3) 1,000s of Rappers will see your Producer name and brand awareness is very important for beat makers. You want to be as well known as possible so an artist is more likely to go to your beat page, look for more of your beats and of course buy your beats. 

4) Your Google rank will increase in Google from people searching your producer name. 

5) You now basically have a Smart Rapper co sign. We are growing to be a company known world wide as the number 1 rapper resource and you’ll be able to say you’ve been posted as beat of the day on Smart Rapper. No one knows you purchased the slot. 

You will receive an e-mail letting you know the day the video releases with your beat in it in generally within the next 30 days.


Do You Get To Choose WHICH Video Your Beat Goes Into?

Unfortunately you don’t. If you got to choose based on the title of the video we would have to constantly update a list of video titles to let you choose, build a system for you to choose and also certain videos will clearly get more views than other videos so the price would have to fluctuate depending on the video.

To prevent all of those potential logistical issues it is completely random by the order people purchase. 

For instance if you are the 17th person in the month to buy this promotion, your beat get’s placed on the 17th day of the month. First come first serve. 

No, there is not a way for us to tell you how many were already sold that month. Sorry guys haha Just trying to keep it simple. 

When Do You Get Notified Of Which Video You’ll Be In

What we do is line up the 30 videos for the month in a calendar and then before shooting them we place producers into each slot in the order that they purchased. After we have all 30 days organized (which sometimes takes some time since it’s 30 pieces of original content) our Beat Manager will send you an e-mail telling you the video title and the day you will have your beat played. 

How Much Of My Beat Gets Played During The Video?

For the sake of my viewers I can’t play your entire beat. Plus we want to push them to the beat store so they can buy it or listen to the whole beat on loop.

So what I do is play about 20-30 seconds of the best part of your beat. 

How This Works Step By Step

  1. After you pay you are brought to a page where you can upload your approved beat.
  2. The beat goes into a drive where my Beat Manager cross checks it with the proof of payment.
  3. Once verified, Those beats get sent straight to my video guys e-mail. 
  4. We then add your beat to our calendar to be placed into a upcoming Smart Rapper video
  5. I shoot my videos
  6. I hand off my videos to my in house video editor and your beat gets placed into the ‘Beat Of The Day’ part of the video.
  7. We pre upload the videos for the month and you get notified which day your beat is playing. 
  8. The video with your beat in it releases and there will be a link leading straight to your beat on our BeatStars page.

As you can see there is a whole system in place for something like this to exist. I wanted to share the process with you so you understand how much work really goes into this. 

Submission Disclaimer

By submitting and paying for this service you are granting me the ability to monetize your beat in the video(s) I shout you out in. 

There shouldn’t be a reason why you would have a problem with this but I have to make a disclaimer to protect myself.

In the State I live in the e-mails we have back and forth as well as this is legally binding. 

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