Build A Fanbase Like J Cole And Logic Rapper

Build A Fanbase Like J Cole And Logic Rapper

How to build a fanbase like J Cole And Logic Rapper


The reason people feel closer to people like J Cole and Logic rapper is because they are humble. You already feel closer to them as artists when you watch interviews because they don’t make you feel alienated.

Additionally their songs subject matter isn’t abrasive. It doesn’t push you away, it makes you feel realer and down to earth so that makes fans stick with you better as well.

Create ways to connect to fans more like live streaming, having give aways and always responding to people when you can.

Calling people on the phone when they buy your album is a normal thing that I know logic did but I’ve done that for album releases and I remember when Plies did it back in 2010 I think it was.

Then consider what makes you feel the most connected to artists you like, how can you replicate that feeling in your fans.

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