How To Build A Fan Base And Gain 1,000s Of TRUE FANS (2017)

How To Build A Fanbase And Gain 1,000s Of TRUE FANS

The most asked question is “How do I build a fan base?”. You can’t move forward without people behind you pushing your music. All you really need is 1,000 TRUE fans. Once you get those fans you have a strong foundation that can help you grow faster and faster to get to the next level.

1) Understand that marketing and gaining fans is about your music creating an emotion in someone and that then creating a relationship between the listener, your music and you.

its not about just getting a listen that ONE time. You want people to go from one song to another song. Telling them to listen without asking them the right way isn’t going to do shit for you.
Because every other rapper out there is doing the same thing to promote their music online.

2) Build your fans 1 by 1. Create relationships.
I have fans from since I was marketing on Myspace that now have my autograph and movement tattooed on them. As well as over 100 other people.

3) Now that you know this, go to places where people are likely to like your music
What rapper do you sound like? Most likely it’s the rapper you listen to the most.

So go to that persons facebook page, instagram page, twitter page… and start telling people that you are also a fan of that person and you make some music they might like.
Now you both have something in common and you are in a place online where people like the sound you probably have. Now when you ask them to listen, there is a much higher chance of them listening.

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