The Cheapest Possible Full Home Studio Setup Options

The Cheapest Possible Full Home Studio Setup Options

What up smart rapper gang. Today we’re going to talk about something that I feel is extremely necessary to talk about and that is the cheapest most cost efficient. You know just low cost nitty gritty like the lowest price you’re going to get for a home are going to show you how to get a whole to set up with all that you really need to really be recording at home for the lowest price in amount possible. Again the options for everything is show you everything you can get. Not only Amazon but a couple other place so mine where I really think you can save some money. Go and get into that. Read the intro.

Okay first things first. One of the most important parts of your entire arsenal of recording music is to have a computer and I’m not talking about legal you know you need a computer for a lot of things. But the thing is is that if your computer is slow it’s choppy or it’s just not very it’s just not quick when you’re recording you’re going to write to a lot of annoying issues and you try to record it is like like slow and like laggy it’s going to annoy you inside of your creation process and you really really do not want that because when you’re creating it can mess up your entire vibe in your flow if you’re trying to record you like let’s do disco record knock something out. And it’s just like three second pause which I’ve experienced on my old computers while the news could be because oh Peter started to do that it was time to get a new computer.

So the thing here is that you need a computer that has at least a decent amount of speed a decent amount of ram right. I’m going to that the low cost bare minimum also going to go into the you know you know I talk about like the cheap microphones stuff that the cheap microphone stands. But this whole video overall for anybody who needs to get that basic home studio going you’re going to do that for a really low cost versus go over a couple options of these computers on sites that you trust and you already know such as Amazon UK on Amazon I speak up here and as you can see here the one that I’m gonna recommend at the bare minimum is an iPod processor. OK. And Intel is a quad core here. Three point one day Hertz. This is actually an exceptional computer for this price for 250 million.

But I have some that are on a 100 hour range but I am going to start out with this one because I really feel like this is a solid choice. OK. All of these are going to be below for all of these. And also note that the prices will fluctuate up and down on these items. So this is for one gentleman here for the link literally like two dollars more. This one’s three point two gigahertz is a gig’s ram. I mean even that first when you know aking is ram you only need about 4 for recording music. The operating system stands right and taking well damn you one and a half to two. So it’s good to have six to eight but four is sufficient if you if you actually need to origin of what you get. OK. This 215 I want to go into lower cost options in just a minute.

The Cheapest Possible Full Home Studio Setup Options

So they get this when I hear this is when 85 takes the price down just a little bit. And that is this is a for gig three point one. But the thing here is and again it’s I buy them. I’m really trying to find you guys at least I buy processors OK. Don’t go with an i3 with you get higher like a nice 7 or 9 9 which is good because you have when you put the five is a good price. It’s you know it’s it’s going we’re great for music. Now there’s one eighty five now. There’s another site I purchased something from here before it’s called TigerDirect. This is a block 40 and as you can see here it’s an iPod processor three point twenty years 4 gigs of ram. Also I’d like to let you know that if you get a computer desktop computer like this that has only 4 gigs of ram you a ram a stick of RAM for a fairly decent price and make upgrades like at least up to eight you know probably for another 40 or 50 watts. So this is the choice you’re going to see. I’m going to upgrade later. You pop the bad boy open and there’s these these these little slotting just pop it in. It’s like so easy to automatically register it. So this was this was only about 40 hour shipping. That there was a buck thirty the processor Porky’s RAM and these come of Windows 10 pro as well.

It looks less like your warranty which is something that I trust a little bit more than the Amazon currently the Amazon doesn’t come with a warranty and then I might feel a bit better but I don’t I don’t know the terms of the of the warranty.

But still these 130 dollars for a computer like you can’t beat that if you’re starting out and you know you could use say that you go to work you can work for a week and get the computer and then the next week making the next week you know you get that whole home studio in a month and a half. So I’m trying to make this video for people who can’t really afford stuff you know when we’re here for a buck thirty enough with links to all of these will over you guys. Don’t worry. Now the next thing you’re going to need after a computer is obvious going to be this microphone as you see I purchased this microphone before I a bunch of them sitting right there and this is the iPhone actually started with and why it’s a great choice. Number one it’s only 35 dollars.

Number two it’s a U.S. microphone meaning that you get to plug it directly in with a USV cable. You don’t have to friggin go and get a preamp or anything else like that or spend money on that. You can plug this in and start working on music. Additionally while it’s worth the money three weeks of course worth the money it echolocate walks Omar the game. So that’s actually a digital audio workstation that you can record it’s like Pro Tools. It’s like it’s own. It’s like its own it’s own thing. You can record yourself in that learn to do all the basic stuff from that and really get going with that and then eventually move the pro tools or whatever or as it is just another video you can get potables for free it’s just like a starter edition of okay be it everybody. You have a group of microphone.

This is what I recommend is only 35 bucks and it comes to the software. OK. Them the evil next is going to be this microphone stand. Get Amazon basic tripod boom mike stand. I had bought this before before I got my more advanced one on the single like 20 bucks. OK. This is the go to Easy’s Amazon choice rate ratings. It’s a go to microphone stand. You know we’re great. OK. Next you’re going to and you’re going to get so this right here is Babel with only six dollars. And it’s just the potholes are going to need is OK. Next for your home do you. You are going to need a monitor. OK. Because the computer itself did not come with a monitor. So I have a couple of options here for you guys. Computer monitors. Number one is you can go on Craigslist. You’re really trying to save money.

The Cheapest Possible Full Home Studio Setup Options

Last year I bought a 79 on craigslist for thirty five dollars dirt cheap. Thirty five dollars. Go get that for yourself on Craigslist. Look for somebody go pick it up OK. Or you on amazon and get yourself a brand new one or a refurbished one like a 22 inch maðr which would be much bigger. Let’s see how much you actually was behind there right there. Well you can talk size but that’s a 24 inch monitors. It’s pretty damn big. And I’m a big fan of 24 inch monitors are the 22 inch is going to be 90 link below. Here’s another 90 dollar option for you right here. And this is also 21 and 1/2 inch. And then you have the 24 inch one for like 20 30 bucks more but that’s it if you can get this splurge on it because what’s going to happen is when you the reason you want bigger monitors when you’re working you can do so much more if you’re reading on your computer.

You put the lyrics on the screen here and then still be working on the digital audio workstation right here yet so much more space. But if it’s a little screen you can only do so much in the little screen that get worked on like a little laptop we don’t have much space. The bigger your monitor the more efficient your workflow is going to be. That’s why I highly recommend getting at a 22 inch Monder June 24 26 and I mean 120 dollars eatings used Accorsi 500 dollars. You get him now for FREE. And dirt cheap Acer is a well-known name. And next thing you’re going to need is you’re going to need some U-Haul blankets. OK. And this is this is why I recommend this going to your country for the room. This stuff is 30 bucks. You get six of these. He hangs up around the room.

You don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of because treatment stuff like that is that these are the dirt cheap options for you guys to be able to build a home studio. OK. And as you know I mean I mean I have one of these few openings in there because I was using them before and I made a bunch of videos on these. I highly recommend these. They’re the cheapest Chicoutimi you’re going to get. OK. They don’t look great but they help your sound immensely. You’re starting off. That’s what this is for. You’re getting these and thumbtacks. Dirt cheap you go anywhere.

Get these when they get these on Amazon. OK.

But 200 thumbtacks you put about about eight to 10 of these and each one of the blankets that you hanging from the ceiling about an inch away from the ceiling. And I mean this is great for you. There’s another thing I want to actually pull up but that is a Cober mouse. OK. Find what it’s like. It’s like eight dollars. And I got to like I want to hear this thing. These things are freaking awesome. Red one a blue one. I have actually three of these three these men these mice This is Camp the here is when 11 when the little boy. This one here. These these are fantastic. The reason I like these mouse these mice is because when you use them it’s very clean Hauptschule. It’s all about increasing your workflow. Everything works better. But also they add these buttons on the side where you can go back a page or forward a page when you’re browsing.

You can also obviously you have the scroll as you scroll on stuff and when you’re using digital audio workstation whole control and you zoom it zooms into the into the audio the audio those things really really help. I mean eight hours from now you’re going you’ll get yourself a little crappy mouse from Wal-Mart or Kmart or whatever those those are going to cost you like 20 bucks. It’s ridiculous how much it is cost. This right here is to me I would pay forty dollars for this things for it’s me ten bucks. Yes you really get this. And that’s as soon as you’re going to have your computer. All right. You’re going to have your monitor and have your mouse. OK so you have all that set up for a solid workflow. The nature of your phone that comes with the software to record yourself and then get your mike stand. You know each a pop filter here and you like it’s in order to help with the sound now. Also another thing is with headphones is also on this list but you don’t need headphones because you probably already have headphones. So just use the headphones you already have on hand. All right you are now a sophomore.

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