Do Albums Covers Really Matter? Kanye + Drake Examples

Do Albums Covers Really Matter? Kanye + Drake Examples

Everything that revolves around your music should matter to you. The more artistic and creative an artist is, the more they will stand out from the crowd.

So while you might not think that it matters THAT MUCH… it really does.

Remember also that simple album covers are also great if they stand out and represent what the music is.

Let’s go over some examples If we look at an album like 808s and Heartbreak from Kanye It’s a deflated heart. He had just lost his mother and this 13 track album was super emotional and him expressing a lot of pain and anguish he was facing.

This artwork was even more gripping because it was the complete antithesis of his super colorful albums before it when he was a super star on top the world with no worries. It was like this album artwork showed how no matter how famous you are, bad things happening can still drain all the beauty from everything.

Look at Drake’s Take Care album cover. This album’s topic matters spoke a lot on the theme of how money can’t buy happiness. It’s him sitting around a ton of gold and what would seem to be very expensive artwork but he looks depressed like having all those things doesn’t matter.

The artwork should represent what your album feels like. I know he asked this question because he is like “This is going to cost me money” but if you actually care about your projects and being a creative artist… you need to do what creative artists do.

There is a reason terrible street rappers have terrible album covers and never make it out of the streets. They aren’t creative and it’s been done a million times before.

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