Does It Take A Budget Or Talent To Blow Up? ????

Does it Take a Budget or Talent to Blow Up?

That’s a good question, but I think you already know the answer to this question. The answer to that is clearly: a little bit of both.

Does It Take Talent to Blow Up?

It’s going to take talent. Really, more than anything, it’s going to take persistence and dedication toward the craft, and keeping it going until it works. Over that course of trying, and testing, and seeing what works, you actually build the talent in that timeframe.

How do you get good? From consistently doing something and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That way, you don’t do the bad stuff. You only do what you saw works, and therefore the talent comes in.

People aren’t (usually) naturally gifted. People think that people are (usually) naturally gifted. You have to understand this. I hate when people leave a comment on the channel and say, “You shouldn’t teach people to rap. Either you can rap naturally, or you can’t rap at all.”

That is the biggest amount of BS I’ve ever heard. Just look at how much Eminem evolved from 1999 when he started, to 2004 when he was in his prime. Go to any artist and hear how they sounded before, and compare it to how they sound when they got more talent.

So, those comments don’t make any sense. You have to build your talent up as a music artist.

“Natural” Talent Explained

As a music artist (more so as a human) the template that wires our brain for survival, from an evolutionary standpoint, happens in the first seven years of our life. So when you grow up seeing your parents do something for your first seven years of living, that’s how you grow to see the world.

That’s why, when a kid sees his parents beating each other, they (might) eventually grow up to be an abusive spouse or parent. They saw that as a child and think that’s normal.

That’s why child soldiers are taken away from their families when they’re young and they’re trained as soldiers. They see themselves as soldiers because that’s what they see as “normal”.

I say all of this because when you make music, your parents’ choice of music that they listened to as a child highly affects your ability to create music. If your parents listened to terrible, whack music, that’s embedded in you. You think that it’s good.

You may not have a good ear for melodies because they didn’t listen to music with good melodies. They may have just listened to a bunch of underground rap. If they didn’t have a good taste in music, now you can’t flow. You can’t stay on beat.

What Gives Some People The Edge Over Others?

Let’s discuss Black America. What did they grow up with? We can go way back to the Motown days. That stuff had so much swagger. It changed music. I’m a massive fan. I grew up on 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s music. That’s why I have my own skillset and sound with certain things.

Kids now listen to rap growing up. That’s what they started with. I didn’t start with rap growing up.

The reason a lot of kids can rap automatically from the age of 14, 15, or 16 is that they been surrounded by hip-hop/rap since they were born. Their older brothers and cousins were like, “Yo, listen to this dude.” They’ve BEEN listening to rap.

That’s why a lot of black kids can out rap white kids. They already have more flow, they have more rap ability because they grew up with it. You see a kid and you’re like, “He’s only 17, how is he so dope?” Because he’s been around it for 17 years. That’s why.

Does It Take a Budget to Blow Up?

It doesn’t necessarily take a budget, but it is going to take you investing in yourself, whether that’s buying yourself a USB microphone, buying your equipment, buying books, buying the gear that you need.

You have to invest in yourself. You have to invest in your mind. What are you doing? You’re investing in the gear to get better at the talent. You’re not just going to be good at recording. Nobody’s just BAM, naturally good at recording. Okay? You have to invest in yourself.

You’re probably asking, “Does it take a budget for the marketing to blow up?”

Yes, it does.

But the better and more talented you are, the less of a budget that it’s gonna take.

Also, if you learn marketing, and specifically how to use the right tools and spend your money wisely, which I show you how to do in the Rapper Shortcut and in my marketing videos, it costs you less money.

In Conclusion…

Does someone need money, or does someone need to be talented to blow up? It’s both. It’s an overall investment. It’s a life change. Ask yourself, “Do I want to do this? Am I really going to do what it takes to make this happen, and not stop until it happens?”

That’s the attitude you have to have. Don’t separate the two. The real question should’ve been, “Do I have to dedicate my life to this to blow up?”
YES. You do.

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