How Drake’s Scorpion Album CHEATED To Break Streaming Records

How Drake’s Scorpion Album CHEATED To Break Streaming Records

How Drake Scorpion Album CHEATED To Break Records

Why Drake Scorpion Album Was Absolutely GENIUS and Im not even talking about the tracks, I’m talking about how genius it was to release the album as a DOUBLE ALBUM.

Because of the new streaming rules that help you qualify for platinum certification…. If he has 25 Different songs on the project and he knows about 20 million people are going to listen to the whole album…. JUST OFF OF THAT… You are talking about 500 MILLION STREAMS FIRST WEEK

That breaks Post Malones record he JUST GOT And that’s just off of people listening to each song ONCE, when they choose their favorite songs and have them all on replay… Boy we are talking about this man getting BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of streams over the next few months

You guys don’t ever hear me talking about Drake or any drake album on this channel But yo, this shit was straight GENIUS.

What a well played way to jump through a loop hole that exists in the game right now. More streams doesn’t only equal the certifications, It also means MORE MONEY.

Drake Scorpion Album

Because there are more tracks, he got 170 MILLION Streams FIRST DAY on Apple Music and his last project only got 90. This is mostly because of the AMOUNT of songs on the Double Album
Drake scorpion also got 132 MILLION streams on Spotify.

You are talking about 2 Million dollars into Drake’s pocket JUST in initial streams. Over it’s FIRST weekend!

Im making this video to tell you rappers how to get SMARTER.
If you have a fan base, it’s really not a bad idea to release a double album like this right now. They might actually have to change the streaming rules for certification because he did this.

Take into account that every extra song you have on a project is more money for you that can get added into a favorites playlist by a fan and make more money from those streams.

All in all Scorpion Drake Album will definitely hold these streaming records for a LONG, LONG TIME! Or at least until his next triple album haha.

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