What EVERY ARTIST Needs To Know In 2018

What EVERY ARTIST Needs To Know In 2018

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I hope this informs and inspires you Get up everyday, make your to do list, do it, gain some momentum for your career, go to sleep happy, repeat This is a game of persistence my friend.

You have to put in the work DAY AFTER DAY for a very long time. And keep putting it in even when the times seem like the hardest. Even when it seems like you’ll never make it because the mountain peak is so far up there from where you are right now, you have to keep going and believe that it is all going to pay off one day, because it will. Right now the most important thing isn’t your skill set, your network of people or how much money you have to push you, it is your mindset of staying positive in negative times, your mindset when a failure happens so you can look at it as something to learn from.

Your mindset of overcoming obstacles knowing you can make it to the other side of the obstacle if you just TACKLE IT now instead of procrastinating or letting that obstacle seem like a giant when really it isn’t sh against your relentless drive for success. Nothing is holding you back but you. You have to go out there and you have to take ACTION Nothing is ever going to happen for you unless you take ACTION You have to make the moves that other people are too lazy to make.

You have to get up everyday and learn how to beat up your demons and negative thoughts so that they stand at attention for you as you tell them they aren’t sh and can’t affect you. You need to then open your mind and realize the knowledge you need for success is all around you. In YouTube videos, in people around you, in books you thought it was too corny to read. After the mindset the knowledge of how to direct that mindset is what you need.

You need to learn all the skills and information that will make sure if any issues arise, you already knew that existed and you can easily deal with them. Learning knowledge now is better than you running into a problem and having to deal with an issue 1) you didn’t know existed or 2) a problem you are not prepared to deal with at all that will slow your progress.

If you are already knowledgeable because of your dedication to learning, you’ll know that problem is coming and you’ll know how to deal with it when it happens. You can’t let ANYTHING stand in your way.

You only have 1 life to live, why are you going to waste it being poor, depressed, unhappy and feeling like everyone else when really ANYONE that works their ass off can be a champion, rich, successful, happy, unlimited toys, friends with higher quality smart people who can help you grow… I don’t know about you but I wasn’t making any progress back in south side Chicago hanging around drug dealers, living in trap houses and homeless shelters.

I started making progress when I was working 4 days jobs at one time to get my hands on my music equipment so i could start recording songs and learning the process of making GREAT MUSIC. When I got away from negative people that drained my essence and energy… when I took ACTION! When I took ACTION to stand on my own and make MY MOVES for MY LIFE and for my EMPIRE! Nothing can stop YOU but YOU. Get your mind right, then fill that mind with knowledge, then make a PLAN. Be a Smart Rapper.

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