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This time I don’t have a software for you to run while you sleep to gain fans! But Facebook has it’s own built in automation system.

In this, I am going to show you how to set up a month worth of automated Fan Page posting in 15 minutes. SUPER EASY. You just set it and forget it.


Let me vent really quick

And give you some serious information on Facebook you NEED TO KNOW before you waste time or move on to the next page. 🙂

Facebook is absolutely outrageous and they are complete bandits.

I spent YEARS of my time driving traffic to my Facebook only to come to a point where It costs me $500 PER POST to reach my own fans. I am an indie artist, not Pepsi or Netflix…. Yet Facebook puts us under the same guide lines as a major multi million dollar brand. That is emoji poo

If I don’t pay Facebook, then only 2% of my fans who like my page see my post.
Here is my fan page, feel free to like it 🙂 either way check out how many likes I get per post NOT paying to promote the post.


That is how Facebook is set up now as of early 2015. Before that it was around 8% and before that 20% and before that even higher. But 2%…. Come on.

Facebook bought Instagram knowing Facebook was going to die in due time.


DO NOT waste your time driving traffic to your Facebook Fan Page. Post the links in all of your sites so that it can organically build. But DO NOT TAKE THE EFFORT to drive the traffic.
Spend that energy on building your other pages like Youtube and Instagram.

Why build your fan base on Facebook, when you have to pay to talk to those people you just earned as fans?


NOTE: For the experienced marketers who are like “That is because that is how Facebook does it’s engagements. If the content you post doesn’t have enough relevancy it won’t post into their timelines. If it did every brand’s page would be in everyone’s news feed.” I know this, obviously. But you are also talking about unsigned independent artist competing against multi million dollar brands like Tide Bleach and Coke for a spot in a fans news feed, when music is completely different than any other product. Good day to you. Fuck You

Major Note

With your current fan base though, this is what you can and should do.

Since you still have fans that are on FB and not on other social media sites.

Whether they are fans or friends you have, wish everyone a happy birthday everyday.

It makes people feel good, and it makes you feel good too!

I say Happy Birthday to every single person on my personal page EVERYDAY I remember too! Don’t just say “Happy Birthday!” make it stand out and show you really care.

I say “Happy Birthday! I hope it was absolutely incredible for you!” They always respond! 😀

People really appreciate it and sometimes stuff like this happens: 

Facebook birthday proof

I linked it for you, hopefully it links properly so you can see it yourself. Idk if his profile is private or not. 


How to set up A Facebook Fan Page
To Automatically Post For Months In 15 Minutes

1) The Fun easy part 

You get to mess around the first ten minutes.

Search the internet or your favorite Facebook pages for 30 memes that give you a reaction.


If the picture gives you an emotional reaction, chances are it will give someone else an emotional reaction that will make them want to share it or like it. That’s how I choose my memes to post. If it makes me laugh I save it. If it doesn’t, I don’t.

2) Save the memes by right clicking and clicking ‘Save As’

3) After you have saved 30 funny memes to your computer. Go to your fan page.

4) Click on the camera to add a photo1


5) Type in a witty line about the picture.

Then press the down arrow on the publish buttons right hand side and click ‘Schedule’.


6) Choose a date to post it.

Then put the time between 1-4PM EST using your key board number pad.

Then Click Schedule and you are set.



7) Just repeat this for every day of the month using those 30 funny pictures.

Major Note

Give people a call to action in your post by telling them to SHARE or LIKE. People tend to do things more when you ask them too.

This is a super easy method of gaining new fans. People will share your post and other people will laugh when they see it then possibly like your page.

On to the next part! I hope I am helping you in some way! 🙂

– NovAK

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