Home Studio Trick When To Sit And Stand When Recording Vocals

Home Studio Trick When To Sit And Stand When Recording Vocals

Factor 1) What is the amount of air that will be exerted during the performance?

This is a very important factor in deciding whether or not to stand up or sit down during a rap vocal performance.

If you are singing or your rap style is being LOUD and screaming then you are going to get much much better performances out of standing up to record. Why?

Because of the way the diaphragm works. I won’t go into detail with that here but you can Google it and see what I mean. It is actually a pretty good thing to understand when it comes to rap delivery. Breath control is something else you should really look up. Again, I won’t discuss that here, those deserve their own full articles.

Factor 2) Which makes you the most comfortable?

You need to be as comfortable as you can possibly be so that every rap vocal recording take you make is the best it can possibly be. If you are uncomfortable (think, something is poking your lower back that’s annoying) then how are you going to get the best vocal performance?

If you feel like you have the most energy while standing up, then stand up. If you prefer to sit down, sit down!

What matters in the end is the BEST TAKE and you are only going to get that by recording while you are flowing with energy because you are comfortable.

If you’re a singer or do a loud vocal there is a good chance that you will prefer standing up because the pressure on your diaphragm will be inherently less.

Factor 3) Your Music Gear, Microphone And Room Set Up
Sometimes your room may be too small or you may only have the ability to record sitting down or standing up. In a second I will talk about my method of recording and why I do it the way I do to record rap vocals.

Why I Don’t Stand Up
Standing Up each and every take would require me to do this:
1) Hit ctl+spacebar or Numpad 3 to record in Pro Tools
2) Rise my body upwards while turning around to face the microphone
3) Record the vocal take
4) Turn back around, lean down and hit space bar to stop the recording
5) While still leaning over, awkwardly grab the mouse and drag that vocal take down to it’s corresponding track I want it on.
6) Possibly label the name of the file for later use while still leaning over awkwardly.
7) Repeat this process for 100s of vocal takes required to record an entire song.


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