How Easy It Is To Make A Rap Music Video?

How Easy It Is To Make A Rap Music Video?

To be honest I was scared sh**less at first when I had to start shooting my own music videos. I had a guy that was supposed to shoot it and I rented a place that was super expensive to be able to shoot the music video and the guy bailed 5 days before the shoot.

I had absolutely no one to shoot the video, no one to edit it and I was clueless as to what to do since I never had shot my own videos before.

In that moment I had another life realization that no one is going to do shit for you so you have to do it yourself.

The video required a ton of green screen knowledge, motion tracking and a ton of other knowledge. It was scary… but I had already spent money on the place to shoot it so I had to go through with it.

I then spent nearly 100 hours learning how to run the editing software, learn motion tracking and how to properly edit the video. This was my first REAL music video besides my Ransom remix in 2010 that I edited.

Here is the video that took me 100 hours

Rob Level: Talk To’m

It was in an Art Gallery and I wanted to let people know my art my music speaks to people. It comes alive and inspires them right before their eyes.

Now I have shot and edited a ton of my own music videos including God Fearing

Rob Level God Fearing:

Which XXXTentacion probably got his idea for one of his music videos.

Look At Me Video:

I tell you all this because honestly, it’s really not that hard at all.

Like anything else in life you just have to take the action to get out there and do it.

A lot of my videos before like Freedom

Rob Level Freedom:

Were shot on a $400 DSLR Camera and then edited in a $30 a month editing software.

It’s not hard. I learned by watching a ton of YouTube videos and you get better and better every single time!




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