How Eye Candy Works

eye candy worksLINE SPACERChoose a city

1) Choose A City

You click the name of the city closest to you.

LINE SPACERPIck the girl

2) Pick A Girl

You choose a girl that fits the look that you want for your music video.

LINE SPACERContact her

3) Contact Her

You reach out to the girl using the contact information she gave us.

LINE SPACERMake a deal with her

4) Make A Deal With Her

You make a deal with her on how much you are going to pay her to be the video and anything else you can offer her.

What days she is available and other details.

*I recommend the models are paid up half upfront on the day of the shoot and the other half at the end of the working day.

Possibly even a retainer fee.

LINE SPACERShoot a music video

5) Make A Video

She shows up on the day of your music video shoot and you have a gorgeous piece of eye candy for your music video.


LINE SPACERdisclaimer

Smart Rapper is just a way for you to connect with each other.

We are not responsible for payments, safety or anything else.

Be smart in all situations.


LINE SPACERSome girls are just eye candy

Please note that some girls in these lists are JUST eye candy in certain cities.

They may or may not be interested in being in a music video when you reach out to them.

We do try to keep the list to being as many video ready girls as possible.

LINE SPACERsubmissions

If you want to submit a girl or you are a girl that wants to be added to the list E-mail Eyecandy[@]


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