How To Gain A Million YouTube Views In 30 Days (YouTube Ads MasterClass)

What up, I’m Rob Level, a successful music artist who has dedicated his life to educating, inspiring, and helping artists believe in themselves, and this is how I got my music video, A Screwed Up True Story, to one million YouTube views in only 30 DAYS!

How To Get A Million Youtube Views

Yes, This Is Guaranteed.

No, this is not a joke. YES, they are real people. I share all of my knowledge about running ads on YouTube here in my new YouTube Ads Masterclass. Watch as I break down how I got my CPV (Cost-Per-View) down to a PENNY a YOUTUBE VIEW, and how you can do the same. ????

That means that for a PENNY, someone came to the video and watched it for at least 30 seconds. For a PENNY EACH, those people could potentially become subscribers and fans of yours as they did for me. This YouTube Ads Masterclass will bring so much brand exposure to YOU as an artist.

This is how advertising works with whatever your product is; it needs to be promoted to get seen and heard. THIS is the fastest way to do so, especially on YouTube. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on YouTube ads in the past. I have truly honed in on what works and what doesn’t work. Now that I’m releasing more music, I’m playing with new ideas, and YOU get to hear those ideas in the YouTube Ads Masterclass!

You’re Welcome!

Now, I understand that a lot of people have learned how to run YouTube ads. HOWEVER, they have not done them for music artists to the degree that I’ve done them AND I did them for myself, which means I cared 100x more about the results and the outcome. So when I was testing things, I was REALLY testing them wanting to get better and get the most YouTube views, and that’s what I share with you here

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