How Long Should You Promote A Song?

How Long Should You Promote A Song?

This depends how much you believe in the song… is it THE SONG. There is something that I learned that really changed how I look at songs and marketing and that is that no matter how amazing the song is, sometimes it just takes a LONG TIME to make it move.

Think about Fetty Waps Trap Queen

Think about Macklemore’s Ceiling can’t hold us, that record was released 2 years before they dropped that video for it and it only blew up because Thrift shop had enough buzz to push it through the ceiling.

You have get 1 person at a time to that song and get them all to get the song buzzing at once for it to make an impact strong enough for it to really make waves. It takes time to get people to a song, especially if you are new and don’t already have a fan base.

Consider how hard it would be for even the best artists out right now to make their songs go huge if they had to start with NO fans everytime they dropped a new song. It would take every song, even if it’s a hit song, a year or 2 to gain momentum. Instead they already have fans to start spreading it as soon as it releases.

The real answer is that you need to be promoting the song until it reaches the level you believe it deserves to be at. It could be a year, it could be 2 years. And all along you are continually creating new songs and records to release if that one doesn’t work out. Don’t give up on a song that you AND people around you believe in.

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