How Sauceless Rappers Blow Up With No Effort

I’m going to tell you guys about how artists blow up with absolutely NO effort at all and how it would be possible for you to do the same thing. What would it be like to be so blessed to truly blow up over night? 

And what all would it require to make it all happen? And how would you sustain it and blow up even bigger from there? You’re going to learn all of that today. 

I’m Rob Level, this is Smart Rapper and you’re about to get smarter.

While there are dozens of artists who have had their first song blow up to enormous heights and effected music culture, today I’m just going to mention a few of them to you. And tell you what it took 

  1. Bobby Shmurda 
  2. Fetty Wap 
  3. Designner
  4. Lil Nas X
  5. Trinidad James

They all blew up with barely any effort at all. While on the flip side artists like Dababy didn’t blow up until his 14th Project, 2 Chainz was rapping seriously and had 2 major deals and it took him over 12 years, Logic was signed and releasing mixtapes in 2010 and you probably didn’t know who he was until 2016 or 2017. 

The average time to make it is around 6 years of taking it seriously. 

But… some artists are luckier than the last man on earth at a Victoria Secret after party. Sometimes people accidentally make a hit song with absolutely no music practice skill building at all. They make a total of maybe 5 songs and they just happen to have that sound, voice tone, look and the right beat that makes the magic mix for them to strike gold on their first try. 

But then they fall right off and weren’t even long enough to make serious money. 

But there is a curse that comes along with blowing up early in your career and not having the skill sets and understanding of how to maintain and grow. 

The curse that all these no effort rappers have on them is that after their 1 big song, it’s over. The next song is B grade at best and it goes downhill from there. They will never be as big as their last and only hit because the elements that made it a hit, wasn’t their skills or understanding of their business and marketing. 

Their hit was big because the stars aligned for them. They don’t even know how they blew up. Too many chains of events happened that they didn’t even create or know how to create, accidentally happened. 

They also didn’t have the formula for how to make their big song, it was completely an accident. And what’s the chances that someone who stumbled onto the formula to create gold in a lab, is going to be able to create gold again?

Especially if they don’t even know or understand what compounds and elements they put into the original mixture.

If they had spent the years developing their songs and marketing strategies, they would be able to create this type of buzz and success for themselves time and time again. Because they themselves formulated it. 

Labels have this formula, I teach you this formula. But there are more things involved than JUST the formula. You need the song, that sound, the budget, the connection, the marketing strategies, the look, the it factor, and the self development and mental ability to handle the work loads to stick it out consistently. 

You have to have every single solitary piece of what it takes to blow up for this to happen. It is the stars aligning perfectly with the moon and the sun shining perfectly on you at the same time.

Look at everything that has to happen for that? 

People having ALL of these happen is like 1 in every 10 million artists. The rest of us have to build those skills. 

But for most artists, it comes down to them building all 10 of those things over time and being super prepared and ready to blast off. You’ll also notice those 4 artist I mentioned, fell off as fast as they got on. It is because it wasn’t their hard work that got them on. 

It’s better to build your career and have every single skill set you need to GET success and more importantly RETAIN IT. Would you rather have 1 song blow up and be famous for 1 year while a label owns you? Which means you’d barely make any money and probably even be in debt to the label for the rest of your life. 

Or  would you want to be smart and work a few more years to be the CEO of your own label. Be known as self made, have more respect from everyone as you blow yourself up to be able to be famous for the rest of your life. 

The answer is obvious for anyone with the work ethic and patience. 

This is where the word sacrifice actually comes from. Sacrifice means giving up something smaller now in return for something bigger later. 

Or as the actual dictionary says: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

You should fully come to terms with the fact that making it as an artist is going to take years. Most people give up before they even start trying. 

Realize you’re going to have to put the work in because the stars aren’t going to magically align for you. They just aren’t. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will start working harder and take this dream you want more seriously. 

No one is going to help you until you start helping yourself. Put the work in. And watch this video on the 10 things it takes for an artist to blow up. 

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