Why It’s Okay To Take My Advice

How To Be A Successful Rapper Guide Intro

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Why It Is Okay To Take My Advice

How To Be A Successful Rapper Guide


Here is how my guide is set up for you:

Level 0: Start with building yourself as an artist from image to social media set up
Level 1: Start recording and building your music style and finishing songs
Level 2: Once those songs are done, learn how to market those songs with automation.
Level 3: How to shoot your own music videos for your songs.
Level 4: How to start touring, doing shows and meeting fans in person.
Level 5: By that point you should start building your professional team.
Level 6: Learn the biggest mistakes I made and things you need to realize and understand in the music industry as you navigate it.
Level 7 and up: I am currently on Level 6. Grow with me on Our Levels and my YouTube Channel as I reach the higher levels. As I grow my fan base, I’ll help you grow yours. Follow me to greatness. I’ll show you everything I  learn along the way by updating this guide!  Sign up to my E-mail list on the right, to get updated every time I make a new part of the how to build a fan base guide for music artist.

What Just Happened EMOJI

I never in a million years thought I’d be doing something like this. Then I suddenly realized how 10’s of thousands of people have asked me during my career ‘How Do I Build A Fan Base noV?’

Then I realized that I wished I had something like this when I started. It would have helped me immensely.

If you are a fan of mine, you know my goal has always been to help and inspire people. I want to help everyone I can in anyway that I can. As corny as it sounds, that’s just how the world should be. That is why I made smartrapper.com So I can help everyone learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to go through them and they can get to the top level faster.

Let’s get started on the guide.

This is the information it will take you five years sitting in a room ripping out your hair trying to figure out. Questions Like….

Why am I not a big rapper yet?
Why is no one listening to my music?
Do I suck as a rapper?
Am I actually a good rapper….?
Well… Then why am I not gaining fans as a rapper?
Why is gaining fans so hard and taking so long?
What do I need to do next in my rap career? 
I’ve asked myself all of these questions 1,000 times.

Since everyone wants to be a rapper or singer now a days I figured I could help inspire further by teaching you all what I’ve learned over the years through mistakes that I hope after reading this you won’t have to go through. smartrapper.com is a site I made to help everyone better themselves in all parts of their lives and reach higher levels.

More goes into this process than you would EVER expect. If it was easy, everyone would have it, and you wouldn’t necessarily want it, would you?

I’m going to guide you through these steps, as a guy who literally did 99.9% of this all himself and made it way further than anyone ever expected me to.

Shit, my own mother kept telling me to get a day job “When are you going to stop all this rap bullshit?” (As if the woman who gave me up can act like she knows how hard I work or how ambitious I am) Now she says things like “Oh you are so talented and creative, I knew you’d make it.”

Get used to everyone being complete bull shitters as you gain success and fame from this guide. This includes family as I’ve noticed. Everybody wants to be cool with you who you haven’t talked to in years.

If you are truly passionate about this, following this guide and retraining your mind to understand the things I am going to teach you, will take you further than you ever expected.
If you are just doing this as a hobby, the first few levels will still help you immensely to build your skill set up.


Another MAJOR POINT I want you to understand is that this takes TIME. You have to be patient.


It’s not in our nature nowadays to be patient but you have too! Luckily, since you are learning from all my mistakes, you can start YEARS ahead of where I started and have a HUGE leap forward in knowing what to focus on.

I spent A LOT of time wondering what needed to be worked on. I’d convince myself it was this, or that, and then I’d work hard core on it for a week. Then when nothing happened in a week, I moved to the next thing to focus on. They all added up, but consistency on everything was key.


I also only had myself to bounce ideas off of, so it’s harder to understand if what I was doing is right. That’s why later I explain you need a team to help you excel at a exponential rate.
I am going to take you through this by levels. You may feel you are at a higher level, but to be completely honest, chances are, you are on level 2 or 3 tops.

Do not let your ego hold you down, it held me back for years. As soon as I let go and was willing to be open minded, listen, take risks and learn, I excelled and gained more momentum than a fat man that trips on a very steep hill.


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