Why Should I Work With Other Rappers?

why should I work with other rappers

Should You Start On Your Own Or With A Team Of Rappers?

should I work with other rappers

If you don’t have the right group of people working with you, the other’s opinions can have a negative affect on your growth as an artist. So if you do decide to work with other people, make sure they are HAPPY, Good spirited and positive minded people. If I have learned anything in life, it is how important that key element is.

I don’t care if they are your friends or not. I have been through this and I recommend that you do this by yourself to start.

Generally I keep it positive and happy but I want to mention why NOT to work with other people and why to rely on yourself to become great at first.


The negatives of working with other music artist

1) Amount Of Energy

If that person is trying to be an artist just like you. Their energy is into getting THEIR music done and THEM growing. Not you or your growth.

If you work with others, you have to expend your music work energy and time on the other artist growth. If they aren’t willing to do the exact same and you didn’t realize that for 4 months. Well now you are probably months behind in your growth.


2) There is always ego involved

This can be a good thing for competition. Until the competition turns into ego and jealousy.

You waste time by clashing egos with the other people you are trying to work with. Yes, I used to be EXTREMELY hard headed but I was also an EXTREMELY hard worker and I knew a lot. But others would act like they knew what they were talking about when I was the one who had bought the gear from working. I had taught myself the software, this and that and this that and this and that.

Why would meet with friends to practice writing and song writing anyways? This builds into the habit of not being able to write songs by yourself.

You don’t want to build the habit of requiring yourself to NEED or WANT someone else there to grow yourself. You wanna build the habit of just getting started as soon as you wanna work.

I have always experienced tons of ego when working with other people even on a level playing field. They want it their way etc.

This got a little off my point but it’s good information I want you to think about.


3) Is everyone 100% in or at least all as focused as everyone else?

If one guy keeps skipping out on working together because he would rather look for girls or go to the mall and walk around or something… That wears on your focus. Then you feel like you can’t work with out that person there. You feel like since he was slacking off it is okay that you slack off.

Then when you start making progress, the guy who was slacking off the entire time things he deserves as much of the credit as YOU do. Why Should I Work With Other Rappers if they are wasting my time?

I had this happen to me. All of the above, so I know FIRST hand how this works. I started alone for YEARS, writing myself with no one around. Eventually I had a friend I met and he did music too and we were best friends and we lived together. We were both super egotistical and young and stupid and always thought WE were right. So when it came to working on music there were tons of conflictions and this and that.

He was always trying to make me something HE SAW ME BEING instead of allowing me to be WHO I WAS. And that all fucked me up. You can be yourself now a days. You don’t need to act like someone else. You do need to be SOMEBODY, but that SOMEBODY you are acting like needs to be the BEST YOU POSSIBLE.


4) You rely on others instead of on yourself 

The reason I was okay with doing everything myself for years is because I know that I am going to put 100% into everything I do because this is MY career and my life.

If I rely on someone else they probably won’t put 100% into the tasks.

A good way to look at it is. You and your buddy decide to get music equipment together. You both pitch in! But whose house does the gear go to?

If your buddy has the music equipment and you piss him off once, you can’t just show up at his house to record, can you?

You also can’t record ANYTIME you want simply because it’s at his house. This is why I show you how to get your own basic set up and start working.

There are a ton of examples I can use here. 


I’d like to point out, people have always let me down. I also realize that 99.999999999999% of people are LAZY AS FUCK. So maybe you have that .00000000001% friend that is amazing, happy, helpful and driven. But I doubt it.

Do it yourself and build mastermind group and team later with established people at the higher levels you’ll be on. 


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