How To Bypass A Soundclick Producer’s Catalog Block To Download Their Beats Free

How To Bypass A Soundclick Producer's Catalog Block To Download Their Beats Free
How To Bypass A Soundclick Producer's Catalog Block To Download Their Beats Free

How to bypass a Soundclick producer’s catalog block to download beats free

How To See All Of A Producer’s Beats On SoundClick If They Have It Blocked

free hip hop beats

Have you ever been on SoundClick and been frustrated because the beat maker doesn’t allow you to view all of their beats down the page?

Well if you used the tricks I show Smart Rapper E-mail list subscribers than you would be pretty frustrated. I teach rappers like you how to download any beat for 100% free (with intent of purchasing it when you release the song of course) so you can work on the song offline. This is because some beat makers don’t allow you to download their beats to your computer. I teach the trick to getting around that.

The trick requires that we have access to SoundClick by clicking the beats Hi-fi play button in order for it to pop up and give us the URL though.

smart rapper

Here is the Hi-Fi play button for those of you who don’t know:

rap artist success


So without the beat’s play button showing we can’t access it| For example notice how the page ends:

Sound click rappers

When their Sound Click Beats Music Producer Page should look like below, giving access to the beats buttons: 

how to be a successful music producer
how to bypass soundclick producer catalog blocks
how to bypass a soundclick producer's music catalog block
how to get around a SoundClick beat maker catalog setup

You want to be able to view the producer’s entire music catalog or you cannot download the beats using the Smart Rapper download any beat trick you get when you sign up

beat making using
getting beats from beat port
rap and hip hop beats

In order to take the page that doesn’t allow you to see the entire catalog and make it force-ably show their music catalog and Hi-fi play buttons all you need to do is take the original URL in the navigation bar: 

music piano bass how to make rap beats

And add “&content=music” to the end of the URL like so:

guitar rhythm blues instrumental

This will bring it from this: 

how to get beats for free online

To This: 

where to download free rap beats
downloading free rap beats instrumental

It is so important to see all of a producer’s beats because if you make songs in a similar fashion that I do (as you can see if you get the How To Write Rap Choruses And Lyrics Course) then you know that you will write songs to beats that you need to download. Sometimes the beat maker doesn’t allow you to download the beat and even worse he/she tries to hide the rap beats behind HTML code that blocks the external player from loading.

I use the external Sound Click audio player URL in order to download the beat using the trick I show you in the ‘How to download any beat even if a beat maker doesn’t allow it E-book’.


If you want the trick to downloading a beat that isn’t allowed to be downloaded you can get that by simply signing up to the Smart Rapper e-mail list and that trick as well as a bunch of others are instantly e-mailed to you.  You can do that by going here it will take literally 5 seconds and you’ll have it.

how to make rap beats

The method of seeing all of a producer’s beats on SoundClick If they have it blocked is not for stealing beats. I do not condone STEALING BEATS. This method is for use to write to beats offline. I do expect that you respect a beat maker’s hard work and you purchase at least a lease from them.

If you would expect someone to buy your music, you better be purchasing the lease from the beat maker. Don’t be a bum. Be Smart. Respect will be returned to you in due time.

– Novi NovAK

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