How Do I Pick The Right Rapper Name?

How To Pick Your Rapper Namerapper names that havent been taken

How Do I Pick The Right Rapper Name?
Here Is How To Choose! 

rapper names that havent been taken

This is the level where you are just getting started, the things covered here are for the people who are BRAND NEW. Still, I wouldn’t recommend skipping any of this because there is a chance you may have left something out in your start up.

Looking back, I wish I knew this stuff from the start. I wouldn’t have had nearly as many issues.

The smart thing to do would be to choose a rap name that you won’t feel corny for having 5 years from now when you are actually famous and people are calling you it everyday.

rapper names that havent been taken

Listen! VERY Important To Take into consideration when choosing an artist name.

1) How easily will your name come up in a Google search?

If a friend tells someone to check you out, they aren’t going to sit online 20 minutes trying to find the name of a rapper they already barely even cared to look up. The reasons my rap name is Novi Novak, is because when you type in Novak into a search engine….. good luck finding the rapper out of all those Novaks lol.

Novi means New. I hated the old me, I killed him and made a NEW Novak. So when I had to make a new name and was making myself a new and better artist, it made me a New Novak. It is also alliteration, which makes it catchier and more memorable (Dr. Dre, Bizzy Bone), and most importantly, IT COMES UP IN A GOOGLE SEARCH WITH EASE!

2) Can they spell your artist name?

At first until you gain buzz, Google won’t auto correct it, so they might not be able to find K Dawg Kahlil as easy as they find K-lil


I wanna Chuck Norris round house corny artist that use an artist name from the dictionary. This includes a few artist who have actually made it and still have a fucking noun as their rap name.

Last thing you want is someone typing in your rap name and a dictionary pops up with the definition before your music pops up. I made this so you could fine some artist name ideas for yourself, don’t use the dictionary!

4) Does the name suit you? Who YOU are?

If your rap name is Dope Dealin Don, and you don’t sell dope and your name’s not Don. You’re going to look pretty fucking stupid when you are rapping about living in the white suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska and having rich parents.

Your name should represent who and what you are as best as it can. For example, Machine Gun Kelly fast raps, this makes sense for him.

How To Pick Your Rapper Name

A good tip I give people is to combine their first and last name in weird ways. That makes their name unique and still THEIR name. Get me? 😀

Please note: There are a lot of exceptions to these rules. But this is a basic guide line for the choice

How To Pick Your Rapper Name

Make sure to Google and research to make sure the artist name you want is not taken.

rapper names that havent been taken

What do I do if a rapper name is taken?

If they are active and have a decent following, you need to find another name. But if home slice only has 500 Youtube views and 200 SoundCloud followers, he hasn’t solidified himself enough to own his rap name in my opinion. You don’t just own a name because you picked it. You choose a name and work for people to know the name, right?

This is another reason you need a unique name that suits you and no one else.

Lastly, how long ago was it that they even posted material? If the person hasn’t even made a song in 3 years. They probably already quit rapping because they don’t have the ambition me and you have. They also didn’t have this guide. 🙂

If your artist name is taken by someone else on Sound Cloud and they haven’t logged on in 6 months, you can get the URL by using this Get Your Name Back For Sound Cloud

rapper names that havent been taken

Most Importantly

after you come up with your artist name that you are 100% sure you are using, you need to go buy your website domain name so that no one else can steal it. Check out the ‘How To Make A Website For A Rapper’ for all the information on where to get that started!

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