How To Collab With Other Rappers


How To Collab With Other Rappers

Why is collabbing under the marketing Level of the guide?

rapper collaboration

Good question!

Technically collabbing is one of the bigger marketing strategies you can use for yourself.

When you collab you potentially gain the entire other person’s fan base as your own.

So if you collab with every person you possibly can (who has a fan base) your fan base will grow at an exponential rate.


1) For example, If you collab with me, and I have 50,000 people listen to every song I release.

2) Then that is 50,000 eyes that will see and hear your name and verse on a song of mine that I release.

3) If you’re great you will retain a percentage of those fans that heard you on my song. Let’s say 10% of those people, so 5,000 of those people.

4) NOW You have 5,000 more fans who will tell people about you and you gain at least 10% more fans from them spreading you word of mouth so another 500 that way.

5) Then you collab again and repeat the process.

As you grow you can collab with bigger and bigger artist. Eventually that 5,000 turns into 10,000 a collab, then 20,000 listens a collab and so on.


Some artist entire careers are completely built on collabbing.

What I mean by that is, if they didn’t get a collab from that artist, they wouldn’t be where they are today. 

So what I’m REALLY saying is…. A collab from the right artist can change your entire career over night. 

You have to work to get to that level first though before any artist will want to work with you.  I made this guide to help you get there.


Now let’s look at the other side of the collab spectrum.

There are some artist who just aren’t very good but have collabbed with everyone under the sun and still don’t retain any fans. I’m not saying any names 😀

It’s pretty obvious to state that ‘You HAVE TO BE GOOD’ when you are collabbing. If you do a garbage verse on a song and it’s shown to their audience, it could have an effect of people thinking you are garbage.

So you have to look at a collab as if it is the very first song you are EVER putting out. Because this is going to be the VERY FIRST IMPRESSION you have on that artist fan base. Get me?


Collabbing Is Exposure For Your Name 

Let me point out that there is a reason Lil Wayne was on EVERY song remix for YEARS. It seemed like he wouldn’t go away, even if you liked him. He had more collabs than songs he made himself.

Then what happened, He signed Nicki Minaj and they repeated the formula so she would consistently gain exposure.

Then what happened, what did 2 Chainz do for 3 straight years? He collabbed with every single person! He was EVERYWHERE! You couldn’t escape it.


Some of you may be asking…. Why haven’t you collabbed with any rappers yet noV? 

Well, I have always had the mindset that I am 100% self made. As this guide has shown you from the beginning… I worked for years to buy my own music equipment, I write and record my own music, and I even shoot and edit my own music videos.

I never had help from anyone…. my entire life…. So for years building to get to the point where I blew up… That was just my mind set. I don’t need anyone! I blew up with all my own hard work.

Back in the day they wouldn’t even let me in their rap groups in South Side Chicago. When I blew up those same people were asking me “Hey can I get a collab man” and “We are going to collab right?” FUCK NO WE AREN’T!

I was hard headed as I was blowing up because of that mentality I built of doing it on my own and no one wanting to work with me when I DID reach out when I was younger.

Then when I reached my peak height of fame that I’ve had so far, I was TOO big to collab with everyone approaching me because they didn’t have a fan base near my fan base size. So I saw it as an unfair trade to collab. Plus these people only wanted to collab with me because they wanted my fans because I was buzzing. Same thing I mentioned above.

Now I’m at a point where I feel my fans would see me as sort of a sell out if I didn’t collab with the right people because they know I have been self made to this point. Whoever I collab with has to be somebody in the higher ranks. Plus I like saying I have never collabbed… I’m probably the only rapper on the planet who has a fan base that can say that. I hope none of this sounded egotistical at all, I assure you it is just 100% the truth.

The hard headed attitude that I had held me back in numerous ways. I don’t want it to hold you back! Find people to collab with and collab!

It is an INCREDIBLE networking tool as well! If I would have known networking was actually important… I might have collabbed. But thinking that I could do it all on my own was one of my biggest and most time consuming mistakes I have EVER made.

Make friends, make partners, build a team, collab and do what you need to do to make it! That is what I would tell 2010 noV. He wouldn’t have listened… But I would have told him 😛

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