How To Create A Black Book For Your Network

how to create a black book for your networkHow To Create A Black Book For Your Network

Create A Black Book For Your Network 
How To Organize Business Relationships

This is an absolute must for anyone who is meeting a lot of people or even a few people. Let me tell you why you need it by telling you how I keep it. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Using the Instagram automation software secret method I showed you on this Instagram Automation Page. I am constantly making connections and interacting with people who know (or seem to know) people in Los Angeles. Sometimes I sit on my phone for 1-2 hours at a time just saving peoples contact information into my phone in order to transfer it later.

Do you have any idea how many people I add to my list in a 2 hour period? Say I spend 7 hours a week. Imagine 7 hours worth of saving people into a list that all seem like they may be important people you can help and therefore can help build your career. That’s a lot of people!

So I have to keep a Black Book.

How I Keep My Network Connects Stored In My Black Book

For one, since I meet most of my connections on Instagram.

1) I save their Instagram Name or URL link to their profile.
2) I put how many followers they had at the time I added them – in order to see if their audience is growing so I know if they are gaining momentum –
3) I put what their career is, where they are located and also other profiles they seem to be friends/connected with. This way I can work my way into their circle from the outside in if I need too. 😀
4) I Put 1 star by their name for every time I have interacted with them and I try to put what we spoke about too so I can keep up on conversations.
5) I put their phone number when I get it
6) I high light it different colors depending on my relationship with them. Green highlighting means I am in very good standing with them and the relationship can build into something and they are important in some way.
7) When I connect, If they happen to be connected to someone else I write who they are also connected to AND WHY
8) I write notes about them if necessary. Such as things they like, things I saw on their profile, things I might be able to offer them to make them like me more if I need too. Like if they work out, I can relate to that, start conversation on it and potentially offer them up free product I get all the time from supplement companies. If I’m not using it, someone might as well be.

I keep it all in a note pad on my computer and back it up weekly along with all other data onto numerous hard drives.

Here is a picture of a piece of my Los Angeles Black Book. I have their Instagram and their description or job title and possibly where I met them. I chose the most basic part of my book just to show you an example. 

Yellow Highlighted people I speak to on a normal basis

Green Highlighted people I have contacted and have my cell number.

Novi Novak Black Book

Doing it in this manner will make sure that you can build a relationship and not have to store all of the information on people who may not even build a relationship with you inside of your head.

It’s like trying to remember everyone in your entire high school year book.

You were only friends with maybe 10-15 people. Why store that shit in your head when you can back to it as needed. Then only remember the ones you actually use.

You can also go back to this list later.

For instance, when I put model, actor, engineer or videographer. Anytime I need one of those things, I just search the pad and it gives me the list.

Start doing this, even with people from where you work. It will help you a lot.

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