How To Get Music Blogs To Post Your Music

how to get music blogs to post up your musicHow to get Music Blogs to post your music

Why music blogs are so MASSIVELY Important

People gather in packs daily to see the new music a blog posts.

Those large masses of people trust and respect songs that the blog releases to them. So it’s almost as good as having a friend tell someone about your music. That is one of the best ways of your music being heard. Because people take things more seriously from people they trust. You have a much higher chance of gaining them as a fan.

One blog post up on the right blog can blow you up over night. It just depends what blog you get posted onto!

Imagine 50,000 people being shown your music in one place where they look for music. Imagine 50,000 potential fans instantly! Wouldn’t that be NUTS!


How to A Music/Hip Hop Blog To Post Your Music Up

One time I got frustrated with them NOT responding so I started titling the E-mails “4th Time Emailin You” and finally I got some responses.

I had some people cuss me out, I can’t seem to find those E-mails but here are the ones I did find. These are nice responses! Sometimes you can expect some like this if they like your music!

How To Get Music Blogs To Post Your Music
How To Get Music Blogs To Post Your Music

Want The List Of Every SINGLE Music Blogs E-Mail On The Internet?




On the next page I show you how to send E-mails to ALL the blogs in ONE click.

If you don’t want to do that or can’t seem to figure out how to get the software on the next page to work, just hand send them 1 by 1!!! I did that for a LONG TIME! It’s okay and it works. The messages actually come out more unique that way. That ups your chance of being unique and standing out to a blog since you will probably customize each message a bit more.

This is how to get music blogs to post your music.


Major Note

This all goes back to what I said in Level 1…. Your music needs to be GOOD before you are sending it out. If these people see your name 10 times from you bothering them, but they already checked your music out and didn’t like it, You may not get another chance to get them to listen again.

So you need to go and make some GOOD ASS Music so these people actually want to listen to you!

It all comes down to QUALITY and being a TRUE artist at the end of the day.

And that is how to get music blogs to post your music.

In case you missed it, Here’s the link for the List of 200+ Music Blog E-mails

Good luck my fellow artist. 

– NovAK

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I have the List of all hip hop music blogs in one place and All hip hop blogs Email addresses in one place or file can be found at THIS LINK it is all the Hip Hop Blog Emails, Every single hip hop blog email and Every rap sites email address. 🙂

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