How To Get Over Writer’s Block For Rappers

how to get over writer's block for rappersHow To Get Over Writer’s Block For Rappers

How To fight and beat writers block at anytime

Find your sweet spot.

I used to have so much anxiety anytime the microphone was in my face.

You have to realize sometimes you just CAN’T work on music. You’re not in a creative space.

When you try to force things sometimes It makes it harder and you wouldn’t even get anything done anyways.

Try to stay productive and switch tasks to something else.

If you know you feel like writing but you can’t seem to write anything here are some great tips on beating writers block.

1) You need to find your zone.

What usually gets you in the mode to want to write and record? Back in the day, I tested everything and found out that 1 Monster Energy Drink mixed with half a scoop of instant coffee ground always got me AMPED up and ready to work on music.

I do not recommend energy drinks since they DO make you crash and I learned that the hard way over the years of in taking 3 monsters a day. TERRIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Now I drink a ton of healthy coffee or green tea and sometimes both to get energetic and over any mental or physical fatigue.

I personally eat 1 table spoon of Chia Seeds and pour 1 table spoon of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil in with my coffee or tea for tons of long lasting energy.

Don’t worry, the oil is tasteless. I actually like how the chia seeds taste. Kinda like unsalted sun flower seeds. I ate some this morning in my Oat meal. 

Novi Novak MCT Oil And Chia Seeds

Check Them Out They Are Cheap AF and they will last you like 3 months

MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil

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Chia Seeds

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Remember the way you feel when you write, has A LOT to do with how you feed your body. If you are eating crap, you will feel like crap. A huge reason I work out is because I always want to be in peak condition mentally, not just physically 🙂


2) Is your brain active but stuck on finding words?

Major Note

This took me years to realize…. I guess I felt like it was cheating but it’s NOT. The end product is what matters, not how you got there. As long as it is amazing, that’s what matters!

The HUGE TIP is…….. Use word generators to help your brain write easier

This is actually a HUGE tip that I didn’t even think of doing myself until like 2 years ago. Anytime you are just unable to think of what to write next, go to a random word generator and press the button. It will create a list of words for you to start writing off of instantly.


3) For 5 minutes randomly switch tasks

If you randomly switch tasks to something like drawing a picture or doing brain games on it will stimulate your brain automatically.

Then you can switch back to the writing or recording tasks with your brain activated and easier to use.

This is actually a great tip anytime you are stuck. Because you go and do something that is using your brain and getting the mind going, it is easier to work on anything from there on.

Try this next time you are stuck, just go on a walk for 5 minutes.

That’s it, walk around the block. I bet you come back and are you are rejuvenated. I take 2 walks a day to keep my mind flowing with ideas and beat anything that might make me sluggish.

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