How To Make Skits For An Album

How To Make Skits For An Album

If you want to know How To Properly Make Skits For An Album Or Mixtape you are reading the right article and watching the best video for it below.

Since full projects are supposed to be somewhat cohesive and of course entertaining at the same time. 

If you are trying to make your project fuller and add more elements to it that show more of your personality and creativity you should definitely add in more skits.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny. It can be very serious as well. You are pretty much making a movie for the listener or creating a mood and vibe that gets them ready for the next song or wraps up the previous song on the project. 

Now real quick if you don’t know what a skit is… the easiest way to understand is to look at some of the most popular and recognizable in history that everyone knows.

If you turn on almost any Eminem album there are usually skits. 

On the Marshall Mathers LP he opens the entire album with the Public Service Announcement skit that says 

This is another public service announcement

Brought to you in part by Slim Shady

(Tell ’em I don’t give a ____)

Slim Shady does not give a ____ what you think

(Tell ’em to ____ it)

If you don’t like it you can suck his ____ ____

(Tell ’em they kissed my ____)

Little did you know upon purchasing this album

You have just kissed his ____!

(Tell ’em I’m fed up)

Slim Shady is fed up with your ____

And he’s going to ____ you


Uh, anything else?

(Yeah, sue me!)

Then the project moves right into Kill you which for some reason always felt cool because in the skit 2 seconds earlier it said “he’s going to kill you”

Now if you haven’t heard this album, idk why not because the whole thing is a classic rap album. 

Anyways. Other classic skits are ones like Cedrick the entertainer on the Nelly Album. I mean there are 100s of these skits that are notable. 

First and foremost if you want to learn how to make a skit for your project. I highly recommend that you go and you listen to these other skits that are popular. They will give you some ideas for your own project. 

I personally have done a bunch of skits on a few of my projects.

I did funny skits like old friends who never believed in me calling me like hey man call me back man, we still cool right and stuff like that. 

Then on my project called the Charisma where I talked a lot about my growth as a person and becoming more conscious I took super inspirational snippets out of speeches from motivational speakers that I thought the listener would be inspired by that matched with the song before or after. 

You can make them anything you want to make them that shows your personality or helps the songs message come across more.

Or whatever is going to fit the theme of your project more. Or it can and actually SHOULD be a combination of all 3. 

So again, I say you go and listen to other skits. I’ll put a few links below to some skits I think you will enjoy that will help you understand a few different kinds of skits you can learn from for your album or mixtape. 

Hope this helped. Keep hustling gang, I’ll see you at the top.

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