How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly

how to organize your songs and lyricsI have written 5,000+ songs and a million bars. This is how to organize your lyrics and songs properly? 

At first you are just writing rhymes and making a few songs. But then suddenly you have 10 songs, 20 songs, 100 songs, 500 songs and MORE!

Then you can’t find that one song you really liked or you can’t find those bars that were SUPER HOT!

Wouldn’t that be SUPER annoying?

I learned over time a method to organizing all of my songs and lyrics so that I can find them easier so I am never wasting time looking for something.

If you just organize it in the first place, you won’t have ANY issues later. It doesn’t take any more time to just organize it all now!


At the start of 2013, I decided I was going to start writing ONE HOUR every morning for a year AS SOON AS I WOKE UP NO MATTER WHAT! My writing skills ten folded! I was writing upwards of 100+ fire bars A DAY in that hour.

This made me have an absurd amount of lyrics and even though I already had different pad types organizing them, I had SO MANY BARS I needed to start breaking them down into even smaller more organized descriptive pads.

Let me show you what I mean using what is sitting on my desktop.

How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly


And that doesn’t include the songwriting pads. 

How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly


Those are my songwriting titles, when I release my ‘How To Make Songs’ Guide I’ll go into all of those pads and show you examples and why you need them.


Whenever I want a certain kind of lyric for a certain kind of song I’m writing or need some extra lyric ideas I just open the corresponding text pad to get to work! 


Organizing Full Projects

How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly

Sorry I have to black out the names. Each one of these is a different mixtape I am currently working on. I’d like to point out these are the EXTRA Mixtapes I am working on lol. There are 8 MAIN mixtapes/albums I am working on that are on my desktop.  

How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly

Then if you click that 01 Hits folder this is what is inside of it. 

These are the songs I write for OTHER Artist. 😀

Notice how they are all sectioned by type, even the beats and melodies.

lol I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many songs. I’m only showing you like… 1% of anything. You have NO IDEA. That’s why I made this How To Organize Your Lyrics And Songs Properly part of the guide.


Wrapping Up

You need to stay thoroughly organized. There is a reason after years of writing I have made a system.

If you start with the system now, you won’t have to spend 5 or 6 ENTIRE days organizing everything later when it’s already too late. You also won’t have a problem organizing your back up Hard Drives because you can just drag and drop and know where something is.

I went a little bit passed my comfort zone showing you how I work like this inside my own computer. But I hope it helps!

– NovAK

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