How To Wake Up Early | 15 Tricks I Use Everyday To Wake Up Earlier

How To Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early

how to wake up earlier

Use This Special Alarm Clock To Wake Up Early

alarm clock to wake up earlierIf you really want to know how to wake up early, this is one of my big getting up early everyday secrets.

A normal alarm clock doesn’t help you wake up early. It just tells you it’s time to wake up.
I am forced to get wake up early because I use an alarm clock that allows me to set:

1) How many math problems you need to complete

2) The difficulty of the math problems

3) The ringtone that goes off and how loud it will get

4) Turn off the snooze button completely so you can’t snooze and go back to sleep.


If you haven’t guessed, the alarm clock won’t turn off until you complete the math problems.

And if your reset your phone, it turns right back on. 🙂

You cannot do anything until the math is completed.

If you want to know how to wake up early everyday, install this bad boy and put the amount of math problems on 10.
Use a super annoying alarm clock noise to get up

If you don’t want to get the above or maybe you want some additional help use kukuclock.

Sometimes I use KuKuKlock with the rooster setting or the military trumpets.

I use Alarm Clock Xtreme to wake up early everyday.


Make getting up earlier fun

Gamify your life to make getting up early fun

When you make something a game, it becomes more fun to do.

Keep a log of how early you got up everyday and then the next day just try to beat it by as much time as a can.

Even if it is one minute you are now not only waking up earlier to wake up earlier but you are in contest with yourself to beat your wake up time.

It’s a cool way to motivate yourself to get up early every morning.


Have a reason to get up early

Find Your Purpose to make sure you wake up early

waking up early memeI get up early when I have a real reason to get up.

It’s pretty hard to teach yourself how to wake up early everyday if you don’t have a reason to wake up early.
I can assume that if you are trying to find out how to wake up early you already have a reason, but let me help you with even more reason.

Everyday when I get up early and throw myself out of bed it is because I know I have a lot to accomplish that day towards reaching my BIG GOALS.

If you set a a bunch of big goals for yourself that you have to accomplish in a certain time frame, it kicks you in the butt to wake up earlier everyday.

You don’t want to let yourself down or fail at accomplishing your goals.


If you don’t have any goals, you wake up and lay in bed wondering “Why do I even need to get up today?” and that’s not a good feeling to have.


Accountability Partner

Get A Gym Partner Or Accountability Partner

Every morning I go to the gym with someone I respect and have a great friendship with.

For that reason, I don’t want to let him down or seem lazy to him.

So I have to know how to get up early everyday or I am not only letting myself down, but I am letting him down.

An accountability partner is someone who will hold you accountable for your actions. Basically, there is some form of punishment for not waking up early.

In this case, the punishment is that I look lazy and I let down someone who relied on me a little bit to have motivation to increase their physical health.

You may not be getting up early to go to the gym but that’s okay.

I mention an accountability partner for waking up early because you can still use it.

You can tell a friend or spouse that you are waking up early to do _______. Tell them you will shoot them a text in the morning when you wake up early.

This increased responsibility makes you feel more responsible for waking up.

And you know if you don’t send that text when you wake up that your friend is going to know you’re being lazy.

See how these little tricks will rewire your brain to help you start waking up earlier everyday.


watch your food intake

Watch What You Eat Before Bed

If you eat a bunch of sugar and junk food before bed, that stuff is still processing in your blood stream as you sleep and it makes waking up much more difficult in the morning.

Before you go to bed, try to drink a bunch of water and maybe even have a healthy snack that consist of low calorie greens.

When you wake up in the morning knowing you ate great before you slept and that thought alone gives you the momentum and productive life thought process to help you get up.


Prepare for tomorrow

Align everything for getting up early

Anytime there is even the smallest obstacle in your way of something (such as waking up) it drains on your will power reservoir.

Yes, will power is finite and I read this book that scientifically proves it.

Another reason the President only has 2 suits, easy to make the choice on what to wear and he can use that extra bit of will power to make an important decision.

So, get everything you need for your day aligned just right.

Set the clothes you are wearing tomorrow out right in front of your bed. Set your shoes and socks right under the clothes. You’re now 3 steps from getting dressed instead of having to go into the closet and decide what to wear.

Have your protein shake already mixed and ready to drink right by your bedside table.

Within 30 seconds of waking up, you’re already dressed and have given your body nutrition.

It’s small tweaks like this that will make your life better and make it easier to wake up early everyday.


Build the habit

Make It A Habit To Get Up Early

As humans, everything we do rewires our brain for what our brain thinks is OKAY to stay alive. When you tell it that it’s okay to sleep all day or keep hitting that snooze button, it finds it as okay and makes it easier and easier for you to do.

The same goes for when you start getting up early. As you keep getting up everyday at the same time, your body gets used to it. Your brain rewires itself and helps make getting up earlier nearly effortless.

After you learn how to get up early, it’ll get easier and easier.


sleep cycles

Plan Your Sleep Around Sleep Cycles

It’s easier to wake up at the top of a REM cycle.

Since they happen around every 90 minutes you can get up on the top of a 90 minute window and make it way easier to wake up.

But if you wake up while you’re in the middle of a REM cycle, you feel groggy and not as rested as you would have felt, even though you slept a enough.rem sleep cycle graph

Here is a graph for a REM sleep cycle. Notice you peak into the REM cycle around every hour and a half.

There is never really a reason to sleep more than 8-10 hours either.

Oversleeping will cause grogginess and is actually really bad for the human body.


Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm And Sleep

If you really want to learn how to wake up early it might be a good idea to look a bit deeper into this. I’m not going to go super deep into circadian rhythm here because it is something good to know about, but this is how to wake up early, not an article on circadian rhythm. If you want to know more you go here.

But as a basic outline check this

Sleep and Circadian Rhythms


wake up early or elsef

Think About What You Lose By Not Waking Up Early

Put a little fear in yourself to get up earlier.

Realize that when you wake up late:

1) The world is ahead of you now, you are no longer in the 1% of hustlers

2) You just missed out on a lot of hours of work that could have helped you move forward in life

3) You just a lost a lot of momentum for the day. Which Is HUGE for getting things done. I have a bunch of tricks you can use for that here – How To Stop Procrastinating.

4) Your goals are going to take longer to reach. Nobody likes waiting for success. Get up earlier or pay the consequences.


coffee in the morning

Pre Brew The Coffee To Get Up Early

Having a coffee maker that automatically brews your coffee allows you to wake up smelling the coffee and knowing you have some caffeine waiting for you.

If you set it to brew early in the morning at say 6:30AM then you feel the need to get up at 6:30 as well.

You may be asking “Why?”

Well, because if you don’t get up and drink the coffee it will get cold and nasty and more importantly if you have a decent coffee brand, you just wasted 2 bucks for that pot of coffee.

Plus you save money instead of going to Starbucks or another coffee shop. That’s 2 birds with one stone.

No one likes wasting money.


early morning sunshine

Let The Line Shine In To Wake Up Earlier

Open your blinds so that when the sun is pouring into your room it’s easier to wake up in the morning.

Setting any kind of interior lights on a timer that face straight onto your bed will also work.

It’s hard to continue sleeping when there is light shining in your face.


stop sleeping in till noon

How to wake up early if you sleep late

accountability partnerThis is usually where learning how to wake up early hits everyone.

You probably keep sleeping in way too long and now it’s affecting your life and making you feel super lazy.

For a quick fix, use as many of the above ideas that I gave you but especially combine the math alarm clock method with an accountability partner.

Tell a friend if you don’t get up at 6AM tomorrow, you have to give them $20. I’ll be up at 5 just to make sure I don’t have to give someone some of my hard earned money.

Do this for a week until you make yourself wake up early as a habit. Then you can use the other tactics as extra ways to stay on habit.
Another reason you might be sleeping in so late is because you are depressed.

I have been there and I came out of it swinging. Check out this amazing article I wrote on How To Be Happy.

When you’re happy you find more reasons to want to wake up and be alive.


go to bed earlier

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning Easier

If you really really want to get up super early…. do I really need to tell you that the best method is to simply go to bed earlier?

The earlier you go to sleep, the more time to have to sleep through the night and it’ll be much easier to wake up early in the morning.

The primary issue we all have is that we stay up till 3AM and then want to get up at 6AM. That just won’t work!

Start going to sleep earlier if you want to wake up sooner.


start getting up earlier

Top Tip On How To Wake Up EarlyHow To Wake Up Early

Remember, your body has to adapt. It will be hard for the few days to start waking up earlier and earlier but you will get used to it.

You just have to push through and GET UP! Setting that alarm clock to 10 math problems is a great start.

10 math problems are going to take you a few minutes if you aren’t used to having to solve them. After you are already awake for a few minutes, you are much more likely to stay awake.

That’s why I feel the math alarm clock is such a great way to make sure you wake up early in the morning.


I hope this helps! For more life altering tips I have used to grow to my level of success check out more in the life lessons part of my site where I inspire people everyday to be the best they can!


– Your Friend, Rob Level

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