How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster Than Anyone You Know

How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster
How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster

How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster

How You Can Become A Better Rapper fast
How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster 5

Bare with me here, this short article will teach you A LOT to help you grow fast.

Today we look at how you can become a better rapper 10 times faster.

If you want to get better, you have to study the art. It is really that simple.

How You Can Become A Better Rapper overnight
How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster overnight
open your mind

Let’s put it in terms of a new born baby or a toddler that is around 5 years old. Imagine this.

As children we are very curious and we learn by examining things on a level that is hard for most adults to do. This is because as we went through life we built ideas and judgement on certain things that automatically detracts our ability to be curious about it. We feel “Well I already know about that, I’ve seen it before and this is my opinion on it. No need to pay anymore attention to it.” That is how most people think.

It is the exact same reason YOU, YES YOU! Probably do not like country music. You heard it, made a judgement and now you no have determined you do not like country music. You are really not open to discussion on it and you don’t care what anyone says about it. Chances are you are severely confused why anyone likes it.

That is a closed mind set that really really throws us off from learning as adults.

You have to always be open to learn ideas and grow especially if you want to be a champion at anything you do, such as rap.

how to get good at rapping
How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster 3
keep your mind open for rappers
rap artist rappers open mind neon sign

Now, back to the child’s mindset. The child is absorbing everything out of curiosity and having not developed a judgement for anything yet.  Therefore it is learning and learning and learning.

I had to tell you all of that above because you need to realize you can get over that thought process. It is just ingrained in you and you can overcome it in order to grow 10 times faster.

The method here is that you need to start listening to all kinds of other artist AND music genres you may have never listened to before.

AHA! You are probably thinking “No, screw that, I hate country, I don’t like goth or emo music and I don’t like Soulja Boy or Lil B either so I’m not listening to that shit.”

Hey, trust me…. I am with you on agreeing some music just isn’t that great. But the thing here is this, you can learn from ANYTHING you study.

So what is the trick to growing 10 times faster as an artist?

It is listening to every new piece of music that comes out and being curious to learn what that music and music artist can help you learn that you can apply to your music style and grow.

How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster
How You Can Become A Better Rapper 10 Times Faster 4

Look, if you are only listening to the SAME RAPPERS and the SAME MUSIC, you are only learning the SAME THING over and over again in your rap career and style. You need to expand and learn.

Imagine that you learn 1 new thing from each artist that you gave a chance. You don’t have to LIKE the artist… Let’s just say you learn a cool way of delivery from a wack rapper, but now you apply that delivery to your style and now it’s not so wack. But imagine you took 1 thing from 100 rappers and other music artist styles… you now have 100 new amazing style additions while other people are still listening to their 1 favorite rapper and not growing.

This is the reason that I consistently listen to every new piece of music that comes out. I want to not only be up on ‘Whats relevant’ and ‘what and whose hot’ but I want to learn and grow to be the best most amazing artist I can.

And you should too! Just listen to every single new mixtape that drops from any artist.

dont be this kid

Like I explain in the How To Find Your Rap Voice E-book (14.99) , you absorb information through what are called mirror neurons. You will subconsciously absorb anything you listen to.

How You Can Become A Better Rapper way faster
how to be a better rapper

I already listen to every new project that comes out. Now I am going to “Be Smart” and more productive at the same time.


How? Well now I am going to listen to every new album that comes out + do an album review soon.
Why? Well since I already recommend you listen to everything new that comes out because it will help you grow, I figure that If I have to listen more intently to the new albums in order to review it properly, then I will learn EVEN MORE every time I check out a new album.
Makes sense right? I am technically knocking two birds out with one stone.

The moral of the story, think like a child in order to be as creative as a child.

You finished another Smart Rapper article, you’re officially a Smarter Rapper!
The more articles you read, the smarter you get! At this rate you’ll be a genius in no time.

– Novi NovAK 

Become A Better Rapper Tips
rapper dream helper

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