I Just Bought An Audi R8… You Can Get One Too

I Just Bought An Audi R8… You Can Get One Too

Last year my credit score was 520… yea… 520.

And last year I didn’t even know what 520 meant except I had basically NO CREDIT and it was definitely in the RED area lol

In less than 6 months I built my credit to a point where I was able to get a $200,000 super car like the R8 in my own name.

In the future I will be telling you guys what you can start doing NOW in order to be able to get yourself your favorite cars as you are on the come up as a music artist.


You are a rapper… you gotta stunt, right?

One of my goals is to make sure that you learn everything I learn in life that changed my life. The things that made me say “Damn, I wish I knew this sooner.” Because when you hit those points in your life, it’s too late and then you have to struggle through those moments like I did.

But if you already know the information, you can prepare and have the problem solved before it even becomes a problem.


I’ll show you things I wish I knew even just a year ago and the process I have learned for growing credit and how buying exotic cars works.

It’s really interesting. And as usual I feel the need to teach you what I learned because If I knew everything I learned recently last year… it would have made this process of getting “Nice Things” on credit easier.

Unfortunately I had to pony up $80,000+ to even get my hands on this R8 but If I knew what I’ll teach you soon… I wouldn’t have had to put anything up… Maybe just a few grand tops.

Just so you know I really bought it here is a picture of me and the owner of Calabasas Luxury Motors.

Credit is VERY IMPORTANT and growing up super poor… I was never taught about it. No one ever told me the importance or it’s uses or that America is built on credit. If I knew I would have tried building my credit earlier.

It would have been pretty simple and it also would have made a lot of things in life way easier.


I’ll be back with all of this information so you can progress in your life 🙂

– Rob Level

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