Improve Your Workflow And Productivity With This Secret!

Improve Your Workflow And Productivity With This Secret!

A small rapper. I’m over here in calabashes you know with the Kardashians over here you know and I’m saying all these rich ass people around my neck. But. Anyway so I I just go asked this question to my DM’s I’m like they let me shoot this when I’m on my way to get some delicious lunch Raploch. You know what I’m saying. So. He asked. How. Is it possible for you to you know keep the energy levels up so that when you finally get home at the end of the day or when you get home from work when you get home from school you’re able to actually be able to want to continue working. I’ve spoken about this a couple of times. In videos before where you had a lot of tips on like you know just stuff. That I’ll talk about after the intro but I’m Rob level the smart rapper dot com and you’re going to smarter read the intro.

So here’s the thing if you really want to think about it like how do you keep energy levels high aside from the you know coffee which is a stimulant which. Works on your nerves get your nerves on hot but there’s a natural ways to have higher energy right you have high energy measure of high energy naturally as well as you take a stimulant like this. The reason why energy because I take a lot of things that keep me high energy and keep my body healthy and no not drugs sorry you don’t get to do that. But lucky for you it’s over the counter stuff. So we don’t want to talk about here is. Really interest your energy levels. Being at the right level and the way to do that is to actually have a healthy body. Like if you want to feel great and have the energy we need it makes you think you’re your body I mean this may seem like some corny stupid shit but it’s like this is like. The realest shit that I could possibly say here is. You need to. Hydrate your body on a regular basis need to drink eight glasses of water. Think that’s some real shit I got go buy gallons of water all the time and just keep obama. Keep one in each room. It’s like 80 cents for a gallon of water and you just sit on the water throughout the day you know and it keeps your body because you gotta remember like.

That is your body. The water is low maybe they do too. What’s the point. Oh no no water lubricates for you bypass.

But on top of that is the exercise in the working out there’s something I’m actually gonna start doing so I’m actually going to start doing gym videos but I’m not going to post them on this channel I’m going to post them on their own channel a little fitness Channel. I’m going to make because I don’t work it out. I know you guys have really tilted these videos but. I’m a pretty. I’m pretty. I’m a bigger dude like I really am like people I’m hungry and I’m still I’m strong is focused on the muscle and I’m not trying to brag and try to like just give myself some credibility. I’ve been working out for like 12 years now and going for a long time. Then Espy’s body builders.

Improve Your Workflow And Productivity With This Secret!

I used to I used to be a manager. GC I was the manager at GC and GC history run gyms and stuff like that I used to do that I was all about building your body because I used to get picked on when I was younger you don’t say so buff so fuck me you know Sarbox it always. So anyways what I’m trying to say here is that your health is massively important and you are in your music. The reason I’m able to have this energy level is because I consistently. I go to a gym on a regular basis. I take care of my body and then I drink water and I take vitamins and I take fish oil when I take a whole bunch of other stuff and actually do a video on the supplements that I take the Greens things that I take you know stuff like that. I should increase the amount of any toxins antioxidants I got when I’m on a solid diet though I haven’t Shaikh’s everyday spinach green stuff like that and that’s really separate but it may sound corny but if you want to put it into the right perspective you’re doing good for your music because you’re doing it for yourself in order to have the energy in order to make better music find your vibe easier work longer hours.

Get stronger and better for yourself and also for other people to find you more attractive which is going to help you the long run. Sadly there are so many benefits to taking care of your body. Music is actually one of them. You want to have energy. After you. Come home from work or you come home from school can do so more now because it’s just exhausting. If you want to be to have that energy. You need to have a healthy body. Healthy mind and really have the right mindset and training yourself in a negative directions and. You know. Having a healthy bodies and help keep a positive mindset all the time. I get all these little tiny things that may seem so minuscule and unnecessary. Why don’t we do that. It adds up. It really adds up. It adds up a lot you know. So I’ll make some videos on the stuff that I take in these that I recommend and if you do if you think it’s just hard you know fitness like Cheny you want to see what.

We go to the gym and give you guys tips. I’m all about that plus being just in with another show. We were going to actually go into the gym work out what rappers were working out everyday 6am everyday like like for the longest time. You know so it’s like. We know it’s very important. And then on top of that like I said in the beginning. Then you take stimulants then you say coffee at factory it it on. I have an actual Energi because I’m extremely. You know. Just how I am but at the same time it’s also because I’m very healthy and extremely healthy. And then on top of that is I take the stimulus like the coffee you know I’m saying. But you can be the same way. And. Like a. Never ending hustle energy if you want to be able to do that here’s the thing.

Let’s put like this let’s give some of the benefits of this. Some of those other things if you want to go to outwork your competition and get your goals faster. Think about this. Twice the energy you a. By twice the energy you have. And. You have the energy only allows you to get to school and work or whatever. I get sick work. I get to go to school. I do get to go to work which I don’t have that either of those businesses and everything but I would be able to do those. And then also additionally have enough energy to also work towards my goals which means I’m capable of getting to my goals. You know at least twice as fast as. You. Said. At the least. So you got to get the that you want to it’s not about the competition. How do you get more better looking you’re going to be the competition the better you going to feel than your competition. The better that you’re going to be able to you know. Reach. Your goals faster faster sorry. So it went wrong because your while driving I don’t want to die but I want to deliver this message.

It’s just there’s so many benefits and I also want you guys to be healthy because. You think it’s a smart thing to get that healthy body to want to. If you want to build a reached the level of fame success that money and you also want to build to enjoy it for the years to come you need to have a healthy body so you can live longer. What’s the point in making 10 million dollars if you don’t get to live to be like 80 or 90 years old. Right. We’re offer until you’re about 40 years old at least. Right. And then after that you don’t want to leave the building like. Be happy and raise your kids or just have the yachts and have the Jets and the money that you want to enjoy them why work for them and then you die like 15 because you didn’t take care of your body.

Improve Your Workflow And Productivity With This Secret!

That’s really what it is. But a healthy mind is where I’m trying to give you a small wrap on a regular basis. Now we just wrap information but also with mindset information help you become a better person and get smarter. And you don’t have the right mindset to both but also your body is an incredibly incredibly super super final.

And I don’t really ever talk about this because I feel like a lot of people are not lazy. I think a lot of people do. But always and maybe work out now because it is it’s a whole different thing. It’s all in the mind of people dedicate their lives to. Exercise and working out. And it does take a lot. It is strenuous it does take energy and it does cost money to get a gym membership. All these things but there’s so much value in them. It’s like it’s a stress reliever it increases your endorphins and you already know the benefits of what he’s telling you. You know. You wanted to make this video though. But you know you need to be drinking water. You need go vitamins you need to be taken antioxidants you need to be doing these things that are going to help cure your brainpower increase your body power increases.

You know what I’m saying. I’ll make another video showing you guys the supplements that I take and that’s a lot of supplements. You don’t have to get all the supplements. But I’ve been taking supplements for years and I’m actually starting a supplement company with what somebody who’s a pharmacist and. Stuff like that but I don’t want to do this for a long time until finally the point where I can. But you guys you really do need to be. Being as healthy as you possibly can. You know. So. All right that’s enough that’s a little sad at the same time. You want to. You want to reach the next level you need secure your body OK. Take care your mom watching these videos. You also need to take care of your body. And it was about that time for me. So yeah we were at about 50000 subscribers now. So it was not until your right. So.

Much on what to wear today. That is rare stuff that day. New words say no words for you were made by your latest video. You’ll be smart than you was before.

Today’s word of the day is freaky. It means to invoke evil upon or to curse something such as I implicated my mother when she gave me up for adoption but shit happens. I would like.

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Check out these videos. See you guys tomorrow with another video. Get yourself some gallons of water start sipping on water to today’s going out for you. Immensely I promise you okay.

And keep hustling and do some push ups right now. Good to see all of our.

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