How To Get A Instagram Shoutout From big pages and Instagram Shoutout Tips

How To Get A Instagram Shoutout

Today we are talking about Instagram shout outs and how to get a instagram shout out from big pages. Things that have grown me literally thousands of followers in a single day.  And the thing that grows MOST female pages to where they are.

If you want to know the 3 types of shout outs there are videos at the end of this video

As you can see, it’s about building a relationship and being persistent.
You can even DM them and ask them if they would do a 4 hour post up for you.

This way it’s reasonable and the post gets deleted causing no harm to their page.

You can also simply PAY for shout outs. If you have the money, you will grow.

As an addtional tip, I recommend you use the link is below. In order to grow your fan base on autopilot.

An Instagram Shoutout is a regular occurrence among the bigger instagrammers.
As you can see here, this girl shouts out someone for about 12 hours, then deletes the video. They probably paid her in this case, But usually I watch her exchange shout outs with people around her following size
You can also see in her bio you can buy shout outs from her

There are 3 types of shout outs

1) the timed profile post – which most paid shout outs are

2) the permanent profile post

3) the instagram story shout out

These can be paid shout outs, someone liking you and shouting you out or a traded shout out.

Shout out idea to gain A LOT of followers

Only do this every time you reach a BIG number 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 etcetra

This is so you don’t annoy people

First forewarn your audience that you are having a shout out day, they can get involved if they want but your story will be shout outs all day!

Do 1 full day of SHOUT OUTs to people

You tell your fans, hey, shout me out, and I’ll shout you out.

YES your feed will be filled with you doing shout outs for the whole day but it’s worth 100 people shouting you out to about 1,000 people they have following them. That’s potential reach to 100,000 people.

An additional thing you CAN do is use a software to build your following, ITS NOT BOTS.

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