What’s The Difference Between Intelligence, Knowledge And Wisdom? It’s Smart To Know

Why You Need Intelligence, Knowledge And Wisdom As An ArtistWhy You Need Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom

The smarter you are, the better the chance you have to succeed. Flex your brain daily, be smarter than your opponents and competition to give you the edge. You want to be GREAT don’t you!?

1) If you are knowledgeable in an array of areas because you are constantly learning and leveling yourself up, you have the ability to hold conversations about MORE topics with MORE ranges of people and networks.

2) No one likes stupid people. Even people who are so stupid they don’t know they are stupid call other stupid people stupid and hate stupid people. LOL

Am I right?

3) The less trouble you’ll get into. Hard to be manipulated or screwed by people and things if you are so knowledgeable they can’t fuck you!


“What is the difference between Intelligence,
Knowledge and Wisdom?”


Is what ever you have read, studied, learned and stored in your brain.

It is things that you have analyzed and verified. Evidence of things you have combined together being one with it and it being one with you.

Knowledge is a part of you in some way. Once you know something, you stop thinking about it. That is why I recommend practice so much. After enough knowledge of something it is second nature and you barely have to try.

Knowledge is the collection of pieces of information.




Intelligence is outcome of analytical processing of that knowledge. There is a connection between the two since, how knowledge is represented allows for faster or efficient analytical processing leading to increasingly intelligent insights.

An intelligent person may have limited knowledge, but they display higher capabilities to extract insights from whatever knowledge he or she has.

An intelligent person may somehow figure out a way to represent their learned knowledge and information more efficiently in his or her mind, and optimize for quicker access, and for more capacity of the knowledge itself.

Intelligence represents the ability to analyze information.


A brain is like a parachute, it works when it’s open. Intelligence is simply an innate capacity within a person.



Is the ability to use all the knowledge you have and keep all around you in a perfect balance or harmony.

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Wisdom is the experience you have with the knowledge from using the intelligence. You become more and more wise as you learn what works and what does not work.

A man who is 70 years old has experienced SO much in life, he is wise. But if he was intelligent and has knowledge, his wisdom would be much greater. The more intelligent he is, the more knowledge he gained and the more wisdom he possesses.

Wisdom describes a persons willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition.

Wisdom is a more complex thing, but is generally knowledge being understood and appropriately applied.



An “absent-minded professor” has low wisdom and high intelligence.

A simpleton with low intelligence might nevertheless be very perceptive (having high wisdom).


I recommend that you seek to acquire all 3. Become the best possible person you can, starting TODAY.


– Rob level

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