Is It Ok To Read Your Raps As You Record Them?

Is It Ok To Read Your Raps As You Record ThemIs It Ok To Read Your Raps As You Record Them

Is It Ok To Read Your Raps As You Record Them?

recording raps while reading them

It is but it isn’t. What do I mean?

Well the only reason you should be reading off the paper is just to slightly remind you of the lyrics.

You don’t want to be reading it off of your phone or paper just to know what to say. You already need to know what you are saying. Isn’t that a piece of the essence of Hip Hop 😉 I know you understand what I mean.

Drake on the microphone

This is another reason you shouldn’t just throw verses together in 5 minutes. You need to already know your verses before you record them.


This allows WAYYYYYYYYY more confidence when you are recording your raps on the microphone.


This way when you are looking at the raps written on your phone or on the paper, you are just using it as a kind of placeholder more than something you are reading from. Get me?
Have you ever read something more than once in a book at school or an article online? Like, read it, then jumped back like “Wait what?!” and re read it? Of course you have! And wasn’t the 2nd time you read it SUPER ABSORBED into your brain as if you had read that 1 paragraph ten times already?


Now imagine if you had your rap lyrics memorized. The lyrics would flow out of you much much much easier and smoother.


With much more confidence and better delivery as well as a slew of other benefits.


You can check out this article The 10 advantages of memorizing your raps before recording to see more on the benefits of memorizing a rap verse before recording.


rapper on microphone recording

Real quick though, back to why I said you shouldn’t just throw verses together in 5 minutes.

If you are really writing GREAT verses and you are taking time to make sure your rap lyrics are as great as they can be, that means you were probably reading those same lyrics over and over again for A LONG TIME.

The lyrics are actually naturally memorized at that point.

That’s another great advantage to taking your time to write your lyrics. An advantage only us serious rappers get to experience while other rappers are throwing together verse in 15 minutes and bragging about it like it matters. What truly matters is the end product.


recording raps while reading themwrapping up

Go ahead and read from that paper, but don’t do it if you haven’t already memorized that verse.

You want to make sure your performance is as great as it can be so that when someone hears your rap verse for the first time they are like “Whoah, that guy said everything so confident and smooth! He sounds like a professional. He really sounded like he believed it and that makes him seem more real.” Well not exactly like that haha but you get what I’m saying.


A great post that goes with this is The 10 advantages of memorizing your raps before recording It’s a very quick read. Check it out.



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