Is Your Music Gonna Be Huge? Ask These Questions

Is Your Music Gonna Be Huge? Ask These Questions

First let’s discuss what constitutes as a hit song single Let’s answer the question “How Do I Know If I Wrote A Hit Song” A hit song is a song that is actually getting Billboard placement and people are buying it. People buying the song is what makes it a hit. So if your song is not commercially able to spread to the masses where they would want to purchase it… well then you do not have a hit song.

A singles market, its just how the music industry has evolved over the past 10 years. Everyone is trying to write that 1 hit song. Like I tell you in my How To Write Hit Choruses Course “You only need 1 song.” or like it is better put “The poor man only has to strike oil once to be rich forever.” That’s not the exact words but it gets the point across.

That’s from ‘The 48 Laws Of Power‘ which is one of my favorite books.

Albums are made in single mindset today, not overall project mindset. That’s because one hot single can fuel you for 6 months of buzz for your career. Then you just need another one.

Let’s get into it. Here are the questions to answer “How Do I Know If I Wrote A Hit Song”

1) Can you imagine people bumping it at parties, bars and clubs?

The places where it would be listened to is a huge determining factor. Especially parties bars and clubs where people are playing the music to enjoy themselves. That means these songs are popular and being chosen to party and have fun too. That means the songs are getting heard by A LOT of people which means it is getting purchased, which means what? Oh… it’s a hit.

2) Can you imagine the club actually playing it?

The reason I mention this alone specifically (and again) is because what most people don’t realize is that most records are broken in in clubs. It means DJ’s are spinning your records and again… tons of people are hearing your songs.

3) Would it fit into what is currently on the radio today?

This one is self explanatory. If your music can’t be played on the radio Only exception would be if your song is ground breaking enough that it breaks the current standards for music. I truly hope you are capable of that and you are reading Smart Rapper right now. That would seriously make me so incredibly happy to know I helped YOU change the game. ????

4) Can you imagine people bumping it in their cars everywhere?

Can you see them driving by listening to YOUR song? If you can’t see them BLASTING your song. Possibly even singing along when they are in the right mood…. it’s not a hit if people don’t at some point catch themselves saying the lyrics out loud. That’s for sure. haha That may sound a bit out there, but it’s true, at least for me haha.

5) After you play someone the song, do they honestly ask you to hit play again?

This is a big deal because if the song is GOOD! TRULY GOOD! People want to hear that shit over and over and over again until they are just tired of hearing it lol They won’t ask for a repeat (on their own asking with no pressure from you) if it’s a bad song.


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