The Viral Song That’s Getting Everyone In On Saying I’m Out

The Viral Song That's Getting Everyone In On Saying I'm Out

Like most of us, you might have the words and melody saying “It’s only right I say I’m out Shark Tank!” stuck in your head on a never ending loop.

You might not even know where you heard it but it’s there. 

This song is a beautifully put together ear worm that has you hearing song ghosts whisper something into your ear that sounds like “Replay That Shark Tank Song” 25 times a day.

I won’t lie, I’m haunted by it, but I don’t even mind it. 

Witty lines, double and even triple entendres are littered all through out the entire song. You cant even listen for 2 bars without something quirky and fun being said.  As I break down the creation of Rob Level’s Shark Tank in this article, we see it’s not at all like other rap songs. That’s primarily because it’s not made by a guns, money, girls and drugs, rotting your child’s mind “Rapper” that you would usually think of when you hear the word.

Instead It’s made by an artist who changed and evolved the music industry with his entrepreneurial skills.

To an average listener, it’s just a super fun catchy song you want to post and share with friends. 

But doing a deeper dive on this song, we see the entire song seems to be a genius strategy to go viral. It just sticks with you “It’s Only Right I Say I’m Out Shark Tank”

Why Is Rob Level's Shark Tank So Catchy?

Rob Level pulls us right into the hook of his new song Shark Tank with

“It’s only right I say I’m out Shark Tank!”

We like it because we know the saying. We expect the saying. Then we listen to this song and feel special and included every time we hear him say it. 

From his tone of voice to the lyrics that entertain and put a smile on your face, there is something special about this one. 

Looking at the comments on his social media it seems his fan base is seeing this is something special too. Comments like “OMG he finally has a hit” to “This I think this might be the one. I can’t stop listening.” and thousands of other comments like it might be a foresight of what is to come for this catchy song.  

"OMG he finally has a hit"

"This I think this might be the one. I can't stop listening."

His confidence as he delivers the lines effortlessly makes it sound like he barely tried and possibly made the song in a matter of minutes. But breaking down the lyrics it looks like he may have spent days organizing just the lyrics.

His flow pattern changes and demands you to listen to the new pattern every 4 bars. It never gets stale or boring. 

Even each hook has slight alterations to make it new and unexpected but fun and laughable. 

The song was produced by his fellow Chicago native and his in-house producer Mike Jaxx who has production credits for major artists from G Herbo to T.I. 

I didn’t realize it at first but the fun bouncy production on Shark Tank is a more drawn out catchy synth version of the Shark Tank theme song. 

The song just keeps surprising me. 

It's Evidence Rob Level Actually Knows Hip Hop History

In Hip Hop in order to be a part of it and be respected, you need to know the history of Hip Hop. More importantly, you need to show homage to those who came before you and allowed Hip Hop to even be where it is today.

As you listen to Rob’s song you’ll understand the witty lines, but that’s just the top layer. Let’s peel back this onion.

If you are a true hip hop fan these lines hit your ears even harder. Rob seamlessly mentions the rapper Cannibus’ classic 2nd Round KO Diss to LL Cool Jay while turning the intro speech from Mike Tyson into a joke about how his weed is so good it would give you Mike Tyson speech or stutter.

Ostensibly Rob only made a witty line about good weed, but to a hip hop fan it’s much much more. He is referencing the speech Mike Tyson made on the intro to one of Hip Hop’s biggest and most notable beefs where Mike Tyson tells Cannibus he needs to quote “Eat Eat Eat emcees for breakfast lunch and dinner”

Rob even dubs in Mike Tyson’s intro audio from the actual song behind him.

This entire song is filled with stuff like this. When he mentions Tupac he has Tupac’s actual vocal from ride on my enemies behind his vocal as Rob delivers the word in the iconic Tupac cadence. Then he finishes the line off with an dubbed in Laugh as an adlib as if Tupac was responding to the lyric. 

Those lyrics are just the beginning.

See Rob Level Shark Tank Full Lyrics Here

The song itself is like a roller coaster ride you want to keep getting in line for, luckily there is no wait.

You can hear it now on Rob Level’s SpotifySoundCloudApple MusicYouTube and more

Why Is Rob Level's Shark Tank Is Going Viral

Kids all over Tik Tok are using this song to make what now is tens of thousands of Tik Tok posts saying “It’s Only Right I Say I’m Out Shark Tank” 

Memes and Meme videos are popping up all over the biggest meme pages on Instagram and Facebook with Rob’s Shark Tank song playing in it. It is used to depict moments when you would need to immediately absquatulate from a situation. 

Moments such as when you clog the only toilet at a party and everybody knows you were the last one to use it. Even up to more funny moments like when you’re only on the 2nd date and the girl says “I want a baby”.

I found myself scrolling through these on Instagram for over 15 minutes and I just kept wanting more. 

Is Rob Level's Shark Tank A Joke Song?

You would never think this was the guy who made the Shark Tank Song.

"Rob Level isn't your typical rapper by any means. But he has been through the mud and back more than your typical rags to riches rapper."

It’s Only Right I Say I’m Out Shark Tank! While it may seem like a pop culture themed and made song just to be fun and entertaining, it goes much deeper than that.

When you think about it, it was an absolutely genius idea to name a song around one of the most popular shows on television. When we really break it all down and look at it, not many artists could have recorded this song and pulled it off. If any other artist recorded this song it might seem like a total joke of a song. 

Instead, it was made by an artist who is well known as an entrepreneur rapper who could probably bring his own companies onto Shark Tank. It even has me thinking this might be part of his plan to get on the actual show. 

This song is actually on brand for Rob and he made sure to show his hip hop history knowledge from hip hop beefs, Tupac and even knowing the name of Snoop Dogg’s original rap group. 

It just… works. And I can’t get enough of it.

It's Only Right I Say I'm Out, Shark Tank

This song seems to have started a fire and it is spreading faster and faster by the day. A forest fire seems imminent at this point.

Could this be the next Lil Nas X – Old Town Road? It seems to be just as fun and different. Except none of this song seems like an accident. It seems like it was entirely, strategically planned to be fun and jokey without tarnishing his brand.

I haven’t heard a song I have been this addicted to in a long time. I haven’t heard a song this fun since Lil Nas X’s old town road and we all know how that turned out. 

Rob recently said he has spent years building his companies and can now focus solely on his music career. He said he has 100’s of songs backed up and this is only the 3rd song he has released. The first 2 were on repeat on my playlist too. I can’t wait to see what he releases next.

It’s Only Right I Say I’m Out Shark Tank.

Jake Hoffman

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