Kendrick Lamar’s Producer Explains Beat Leases (Exclusive!)

Kendrick Lamar’s Producer Explains Beat Leases (Exclusive!)

Legion has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, G Eazy, Tech N9ne Here is that link for you to click:

Why am I saying these names? These are artists my boy Gabe over at Legion beats has worked with. You guys keep asking about Beat leases and the differences in them and I thought it would be a great idea to have a VERY ESTABLISHED producer actually explain the differences in everything. This way it’s right from a producer and not from a rapper.

He gives some great information in this video and there are some funny moments so watch this video and afterwards I’m gonna tell you something that will help you build your career every month. But first, this video from him. Great info! Now you now, but check this out. Are you at a point right now where you are recording songs but you don’t have anybody to mix and master them?

Legions Beats has this thing where the same guys who mix the records for the big name artists like Kendrick Lamar, G Eazy and Tech N9ne will actually mix one song a month for you. PLUS You get new beats every month. This means you get licenses to beats PLUS 1 new song mixed a month. This sets a fire under your ass to make sure you are recording and getting a new song mixed and released every month They also have a music marketing service for you where they’ll set up your social media to automatically build your awareness to new fans after you tell them what artists fans you want to promote to To go check out everything and get more info I’ll put the link below for you in the description and in the top comment.

You can get 1 song mixed a month

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