The Mind Of Your New Potential Fan (YOU MUST KNOW)

The Mind Of Your New Potential Fan

The Mind Of Your New Potential Fan

Mind Set 1

People like what is familiar. We are creatures of habit. Usually when people hear something new, they compare it to something else immediately like “This sounds like this guy or that guy.”

That doesn’t ALWAYS Happen but it happens pretty often because not many people have a UNIQUE style. What you wanna make sure you do is build your style up enough where you don’t sound like anyone but yourself.

It is rare people get away with completely jacking someone else’s style. It has happened and continues to happen but that person is always going to be considered generic to a large group of Hip Hop conscious people.

Mind Set 2

Don’t forget that everyone is a wanna be rapper now a days. Since so many people proclaim they are amazing and say they have a hit song (when they have not practiced their craft for years and do not have anything near a hit) everyone assumes you suck too just like they do.

The problem is people go to listen to your music with that mindset that “Everyone thinks they are a rapper. Get serious. This will probably suck but I’ll give it a listen.”

So you have many many hurdles to jump over as they listen to your music for the first time.

If you don’t impress them in the first fifteen to thirty seconds, chances are they are writing you off as wack and it will be hard to get another listen.

This is why I live by the rule that you master your craft as best as you can before you just release music.

That music is out there forever, sure, it will show how far you’ve come but all that time you spend marketing your wack music you could be spending getting better and better where it markets itself.

The Truth

Your style, your look, your video quality, your sound quality, your voice, your flow, your topic matter, they all contribute to that first impression a person has of you. Try to make sure it is the best first impression they can have.

This is why I recommend you build your style fully before releasing any music. Find your sound, style and every thing else I mention in this guide.

On the other hand, know when that time comes! When you’re developed, don’t be scared to release music. But you better damn sure make sure that you are good before you start releasing stuff and ask people to spend their time listening.


I’ll be completely honest with you here. AT LEAST 10 people a day ask me to listen to their music EVERY DAY. I used to spend a lot of time being nice and actually giving people a listen.

But It got to a point where I felt stupid spending my time listening and then lying saying “Good Job! Keep hustlin man!” just to keep their spirits up.

“Why did I feel stupid?!” You ask? I know they didn’t even practice OR try. I can tell the difference AND SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE!

They just wrote 16 bars in 20 minutes and recorded a song at their friends house. That doesn’t make you a rapper…… That makes you a wanna be rapper. It makes you the antithesis of what this guide will make you.

You need to practice so people’s first impression of you is “Whoah, this person is pretty damn good. I didn’t expect that!” *Subscribed, Followed, Liked* 

Fire Emoji

Simply being amazing when they don’t expect you to be amazing adds a shock value that makes them like you even more. If you can by pass their PRE HATE zone you are in. But you won’t do that with wack music!

Practice Practice Practice.

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